Thursday, February 27, 2003

He won't be back when the day is new....

Such sad sad news..... a major influence in the lives of most children growing up without cable tv - forced to watch PBS (much like myself)..... MISTER ROGERS is no longer :(
He lost his battle with cancer this morning at the age of 74.

Let me just say Mister Rogers was THE MAN...with his KiCk AsS sweaters...... sweet sweet blue sneakers (Keds?).... the Neighborhood of Make-Believe (I always wanted to go there & hang out with Daniel Striped Tiger)...... the coolest mail man in the world........... a bangin' fish tank.......awesome sandbox... i could just go on forever.

As a tribute to "THE MAN" I add the lyrics to this song (which doesn't quite have the same meaning it used to).......

It's Such a Good Feeling
© 1970 Fred M. Rogers

It's such a good feeling to know you're alive. (Too bad you can't have that good feeling anymore Mr. Rogers)
It's such a happy feeling: You're growing inside.
And when you wake up ready to say,
"I think I'll make a snappy new day."
It's such a good feeling, a very good feeling.
The feeling you know that
I'll be back when the day is new (NO YOU WON'T!!!! Liar!!!!)
And I'll have more ideas for you. (Like what? Funeral arrangements?)
And you'll have things you'll want to talk about.
I will too. (Not anymore buddy!!)
It's such a good feeling, a very good feeling.
The feeling you know that we're friends. (I see dead people!!)


Tuesday, February 25, 2003

I need a boat!!!!!!

If I ever win the lottery or burn my crotch with piping hot coffee from Dunkin Donuts and get millions & billions of dollars I know what I am going to spend my money on!

AN ISLAND!!!! No lie - you can BUY an island!! Vladi Private Islands sells & rents islands all over the world! many to chose from ..... where would I like to live? Spain ? Scotland ? Curacao ? French Polynesia ? New Jersey ? (Just kidding!!!)

Tuesday, February 18, 2003


Did you ever hear a song that actually made you sick to your stomach??? This is kind of like the Honey Butter Popcorn incident (see my entry on 02/12/03).
Never before have I heard a song that made me physically ill up until now!! I don't know what it is......but that stupid song "Blowing Me Up (With Her Love)" by JC CHASEZ - he's one of the dude's from N'SYNC - just totally makes me want to spew stomach chunks everywhere!!! I really don't know why of all songs that one makes me insane...but it does. EVERYTIME I hear it I just get a nauseated feeling in my tummy! No Lie!! I am so weird. So now if I hear the song come on the radio I scramble to turn it off as fast as possible!

That reminds me of something else that has been on my mind lately......... I hate when people thing you are a hypocrit or not a true music fan or whatever if you don't stick to ONE music genre for example I really do like Hard music like Korn ..Disturbed..Godsmack.........and then I like softer stuff 3 Doors Down....Lifehouse... The Calling....Simple Plan.....Sum 41....and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Blink 182......
but then on the total opposite side I listen to rap....and top 40 pop stuff......and am also into techno - trance type stuff......
so then I get the impression from some people like "oh - what kinda of hard rock music fan are you if you like Nelly or Ja Rule too??"

WELL SCREW YOU FLUFFY !!! (haahahaaa)

I guess overall I consider myself more of a rock/alternative/punk music fan.............but basically I just like whatever I like! If the lyrics are good and the music is good.... or even just one or the other...then it's enough for me to like it! So HELL YEAH-- I will admit it --- I sing in my car to Christina Aguilera AND Adema AND Dave Matthews don't tell me I am poseur or a wannabe just because I don't stick to one music type. I appreciate all music (except Country!! EWWW) .... so why should I have to pick one music "clique" to belong to -- ya know??

Monday, February 17, 2003

Why is my clip art not working??!!!??!?!!
URGH!!! There should be a cute little sign that says HAPPY VALENTINES DAY on Friday's entry....
and on Thursday's for Janelle's B-Day there should be a little Happy Birthday box & some balloons....
but they aren't showing up! They did a few times...but now all I see is that horrible horrible black box with the red X...
URGH...I hate that box!!


Friday, February 14, 2003

Sorry boys, I'm taken -- so don't send me any flowers or chocolate or jewelry please!! Heeheeheee

*see Cory--- now everyone knows I'm NOT SINGLE! :)


Thursday, February 13, 2003


*sigh* My lil' baby sister is 16 YEARS OLD today!!!
I'm going to cry!! That makes me feel really old being 22 !!!

Ok...but enough about me feeling bad....

Hope your birthday is FUN J-Nelly :) hehehee
See you Saturday!


Wednesday, February 12, 2003


Do not - I repeat DO NOT eat Orville Redenbacher Honey Butter Microwave Popcorn.
It is BY FAR the most nauseatingly smelly CRAP on the face of the earth!!! And it tastes pretty gross too!
Have you ever smelled something that was so disgusting that it made your stomach turn?

I went home for my hour lunch break today and I decided to make some popcorn - which I bought last night. I figured I would try something new & bought the new honey butter flavor. Bad bad bad idea!! I put it in the microwave for 2 it didn't burn at all...but my whole apartment filled with this unbelievably nasty smell. The only way I can think to describe it is maybe a bowl of yellow cake mix that has been set on fire!! The popcorn wasn't burnt at all...but that's the exact smell was burned yellow cake with a splash of honey in it! ICK POO!!!! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!

Somehow I actually managed to eat 2 pieces of popcorn (Just had to see if it tasted as bad as it smelled.....) and let's put it this way - I didn't eat any MORE than 2 pieces of popcorn!!

I had to seriously fight the urge not to vomit. I have never smelled anything that bad before that it actually gave me dry heaves!!!
When I got back in my car I could STILL smell it and now sitting here at work in my cubicle the nastiness is still haunting my nasal passages!!! I think the smell soaked into my hair & clothes & that's maybe why I can still smell it.

So...for the sake of your nose & your belly PLEASE PLEASE do not put Orville Redenbacher Honey Butter Popcorn in your Microwave!!!!


Tuesday, February 11, 2003


I have been really bad about updating this page lately.......
I guess there hasn't been any exciting happenings in my life recently!

We went to buy tickets for the Trust Company show at Northern Lights ...but it was SOLD OUT!!!!
So....we were pretty bummed.....but we bought our Papa Roach tickets early cause I would be Hella-pissed if I missed that concert!! I had requested the whole weekend off from Lowe's because I was planning on seeing the Trust Company show on Saturday night..... but now that I know I won't be going to that I don't know what to do with myself all weekend!!! This is my first weekend off since before Christmas!!!! Wooohoooo!!!

Actually...most likely on Saturday I will be going out to visit "THE FAM" :) Janelle's birthday is in 2 days!!! That reminds me! I have to go shopping for her present!!
I can't tell you what I'm going to buy her because she is probably reading this!! (you little devil child!!!) heheheee
and also because I haven't quite decided what to get her yet!

If I had enough money Janelle, I would buy you a Jeep :)


Monday, February 03, 2003


THE VELMAS They are an awesome band. I loved them! I HAVE TO go see them again.....I think I will be a groupie...I will follow them everywhere they go...and find out all kinds of useless trivia about them so I can make a website called or something like that...... hmm...yeah...that sounds like a good idea :) But seriously - they do kick ass! So if you are in the Albany, NY area - go check 'em out!

THE GET ALONG GANG I loved this cartoon! I used to have a stuffed Zipper Cat with roller skates. I think I traded him with a friend for one of his stupid stuffed animals..... Uh!! I was such a dumb child! I had a damn cool toy & I didn't even know it.

THE GALLERY OF REGRETTABLE FOOD This webpage is hilarious! Heheheeehehehee

PANERA BREAD ........yum!!!!! I love bread!

PASTA PRO *as seen on tv* How damn cool is this?!

TARGET My favorite "wagon store" !!!!