Monday, March 31, 2003

I talked Cory into making his own blog - you can check it out here!

He doesn't know much about HTML, but I am going to try to teach him as much as I know so he can be as geeky as me someday :)

Friday, March 28, 2003


I love the new show Oliver Beene on Fox. It is hilarious. Kind of a mix between The Wonder Years & Malcolm in the Middle (another two of my favorite tv shows of all time!)

Oh and a little tidbit of info on the actress who plays Oliver's friend Joyce - her name is Daveigh Chase and she played Samara in The Ring (A.K.A - THE SCARIEST MOVIE EVER). Who would have thought a 12 year old girl could be so scary?!

I forgot to mention I moved back into Cory's house last weekend *THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP MOVING CORY & JANELLE!!!!*
We don't currently have cable so it's probably going to be a long time until I can see Trading Spaces, While You Were Out, Unwrapped, Cribs, or any of the other shows I love to watch! :( Oh well, not like I have much time to watch tv anyway.

When we do get cable again I can't wait to see Ground Rules - it's like Trading Spaces but deals with landscaping and it's on HGTV.

Maybe I should sign up to have HGTV come to my house for Mission: Organization I am the Queen of Clutter.


Tuesday, March 25, 2003



I TOUCHED COBY DICK!!! That's right-- My skin came in contact with the skin of a famous person!

That concert kicked A*S*S!!!
Oh--and I completed my mission - I DID get to the front! I wasn't EXACTLY in the front row-- but my hand was hanging on for dear life to the front barrier...
I was getting pushed & shoved & grabbed & kicked (in the head by crowd surfers)...but it was all worth it to be close enough to be able to touch Coby when he jumped off the stage & walked along in front of the barrier.....I touched his tattoed arm first.........then he came back & stood RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME & he was just standing there singing -- all I could reach was his I was actually standing there just kinda scratching/tickling his belly for like 2 minutes straight!!! I am such a psycho!!

So now I am ready to quit both of my jobs & just travel around the country following Papa Roach. I will be a professional sweet would that be??

Next time I go to a concert I better remember NOT to straighten my took me like an hour to do...and it was all nice & shiny & straight....but by the end of the concert it was just a big massive frizzy curly mop.... it looked like my hair was made of dust bunnies!! I have pictures to prove it too! Cory smuggled in a disposable camera which came in handy when I pushed & shoved my way up to the front.....cause I got some fairly decent pics of Papa Roach.........well as good as they could be for just holding the camera up above my head & clicking! I will try to post them sometime soon.

Thursday, March 20, 2003


I know I shouldn't be *HAPPY* today with all of the War drama going on in the world........but.....I try to make this blog not totally depressing.......... so if I fail to mention our possible impending doom it's not because I am some stupid airhead bimbo who doesn't watch/read the news (because I do - constantly) it's just that I don't feel like talking about depressing shit - got it? good!

Ok so....

Woohoo!! I have a mini-vaca starting in approximately one hour! :) That's right--I am free from both of my jobs until 6 PM on Monday when I have to go to Lowe's.
I requested some days off because I am moving all of my stuff (and when I say stuff I mean loads & loads of CRAP & some non-crap) back to Cory's house :)

AND -- tomorrow night is the PAPA ROACH concert!! I have been waiting F-O-R-E-V-E-R (Sandlot! Ha ha! I love that movie) to see these guys it better kick ass or else I'll be hella-pissed!!! Reach454, Nonpoint & Die Trying are all playing too ........... it ought to be fun. My goal is to get so close to the stage that I can count the number of Coby Dick(or Jacoby Shaddix or whatever he is calling himself now)'s nose hairs !!! I guess I am going to have to learn to push & shove & mosh to get that close.....but the bruises & pulled hair & bloody nose & missing teeth will all be worth it if I get that close to Papa Roach! Can't wait!


Wednesday, March 19, 2003

So.........yes, I was called to Jury Duty on Monday.....had to be there at 9:30 AM.... smoooshed into a court room with at least 150 other people... sat around forever (maybe 45 minutes to an hour).....attendance was taken........ about 35 people were picked (at random I assume) to stay in that room for one case while the rest of us cattle were herded over to another court room where we continued to sit around for a long time.......

the judge & DA & defendant & his attorney all came into room.... anyone who "HAD" to leave (wasn't available for Jury Duty the rest of the week) had to come forward & tell the judge why........... that took forever...... a list of names of everyone involved in the case was read.....if you knew anyone on those lists you had to say so................. more sitting and waiting............ we got an hour & a half for lunch so I went home & let the doggy out .........came back to court..........sat around some more........... then finally 21 of the 100+ people in the room were picked at random to fill the jury box......I was the 13th picked............... everyone had to answer lots of stupid questions.......... more sitting....waiting in a sweltering hot court room..ick yucky...... then they stopped for a break to decide which 14 jurors they would keep for the trial................. they came back & read the names of those who would have to stay.......and I luckily was not one of I was able to leave the court house at 4:30 home...change my clothes & had to be at my part time job at 5:30.

What a strange day that was. I had to call again Monday night to see if they needed me back at all this week........ so I called & heard the good news that I wouldn't be needed :) I wouldn't mind doing Jury Duty so much........but after all of that sitting & waiting & nervousness & crap I just wanted to get out of there on Monday.

So....other than that little stint I haven't had any major events occurring lately...............well....except maybe having weather in the 60's the other day!! Snow melting all over the place!! I was actually able to go outside without a coat for the first time in FOREVER!! Winter in upstate NY SUCKS ASS!!! I can't wait until spring (and I know the first day of Spring is tomorrow...but I am talking about REAL spring-- when there isn't a snowflake in sight...when my car is no longer wearing those annoying loud studded snow tires ....when little flowers are peeking out of the ground............ when you can drive around with your windows down all the way........THAT'S the Spring I am talking about!)

Friday, March 14, 2003

Doing My Civic Duty

Yes, that's right..........I have been summonsed (is that proper grammar?? oh who cares!) for Jury Duty.

I can call after 4 PM today (one more hour to go) to discover my fate. If I am doomed to be a juror then I will have to go to the Schenectady County Courthouse on Monday.

Scary!! I could potentially be responsible for someone's fate!! I could send someone to prison!!! Probably won't be quite that exciting though.....but either lips are sealed until the trial is over if I am selected because I am not at liberty to talk about the case while I am serving on the jury.'s going to be tough not to say anything! I hate having a secret that you can't tell !!!!

Oh....I just remembered.........I was searching for funny sayings/quotes online today......and I almost peed my damn pants when I read this (I am so simple) :

Boycott shampoo, Demand real poo!

(get it? heheheee)

Thursday, March 13, 2003

What the HELL?!?!?!

Ok, I know I have eaten some weird combinations of food before.....but I am just shocked/amazed/disgusted/intrigued by something I happened to stumble across online today...............


As if chocolate & potato chips aren't fattening enough on their own!

Is this normal? Do people really eat these?? I have never heard of them before today -- but I found a CRAPLOAD of websites selling them!

Like Backroads America ......

or you can buy these TOTALLY insane ones at The Candy Depot

You can even make them yourself using Just Chocolate Recipes

I have to admit....even though the thought of eating them seems disgusting I REALLY want to know how they taste....
maybe it's not so weird though-- seeing that I eat chocolate covered pretzels (although I can't eat them without thinking of the movie Mallrats! Ewwwww!)

So ....someone out there eat some chocolate covered chips & let me know how they are!

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Want Fries With That ?

UGHHHH!!! That's it! I have HAD it!! I am officially boycotting all fast food places....Burger King, McDonald's, Wendy's, KFC, Taco name it...if it has a drive thru you won't find me there anymore!!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I usually flat out REFUSE to drive thru a drive up window. I have been known to get out & switch seats with my passenger & let them drive my car thru the drive up just so I can avoid talking into the squak box. Everyone always thinks I am crazy..or I am just a wimpy baby.....which might be true....but I have my reasons for not liking fast food drive up windows. I think I am cursed because anytime I do go through them SOMETHING or EVERYTHING goes totally wrong...
like I pull up to the drive up & they just don't even acknowledge the fact that I'm there so I get fed up & drive away.... or I get home to find out they screwed up my order... or they just don't understand me & I have to repeat myself a billion & one times! URGH!

Well...anyway... I had another bad experience at the drive up at Wendy's I decided it was a sign that I really should just give up takeout for as long as possible. It's greasy & usually doesn't taste good so I won't be missing much, if anything!

So let's see how long I can go without takeout food! (ok...let me set a rule & chinese & subs are still ok for me to get because they don't have drive up windows --- least in Schenectady they don't!)

Friday, March 07, 2003

Naked man should have worn a helmet
January 3, 2003 (Calgary, Alberta) — He wasn't wearing any pants, but he could have used a helmet.
The case of the hockey streaker has started its way through the courts in Calgary, Alberta. Tim Hurlbut is charged with interfering with public property. He climbed naked over the glass at a Calgary Flames hockey game.

Hurlbut then tumbled onto the ice and knocked himself out. Authorities say he was wearing only a pair of red socks.

Play was stopped during the October 17th game with the Boston Bruins, while Hurlbut lay naked and unconscious on the ice. Medics finally carried him off on stretcher.

Hurlbut's lawyer was in court Tuesday and asked that the case be delayed until the end of the month.

Man tries to buy car with $42,000 worth of coupons
January 10, 2003 (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) — Stay-at-home dad Chris Shields wants a new car -- for coupons.
Shields has collected more than 200 discount coupons from a Portsmouth, New Hampshire, Toyota dealer. Shields figures he should be able to get a get a 42-thousand dollar S-U-V for next to nothing. He claims he has more than 41-thousand dollars worth of the 200-dollar-off coupons.

Shields says there's nothing on the coupon limiting one-per-customer. But that's not the way Toyota of Portsmouth sees it.

Dealership owner Jim Boyle says no reasonable person would expect walk in with a bag full of coupons and drive out in a new car. Shields says he's contacting state consumer protection officials about the coupon dispute.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Fred Grumpus

So, on Sunday I worked at Lowe's until 5:15 PM....Cory picked me up because he had my car......we went back to my apartment so I could change my clothes because we were going out to my good ol' hometown (about 30 miles west of Schenectady) to pick up a chair from a relative. So as we are walking down my street we see a little dog running towards us on the sidewalk. It was rainy & cold & gross & the poor doggy was all alone :(

We went over to him...he was friendly...not scared of us at all...and found that he had a flea collar & a regular collar around his we knew he probably wasn't a stray. We went to a few neighbors houses - knocking on doors asking if the dog belonged to them...but there are just too many 2 family houses on my street so we gave up...and I had to be at my relative's we decided to just take the little doggy with us and then we would start calling shelters & places like that the next day.

I decided to call him Fred...but then I decided on Mr. Grumpus instead...because he had a smooshy face & he looked grumpy. I thought maybe he was a Pekingese. He was really good in the car...he just slept the whole way pretty much. I think he liked us...he was laying on Cory's lap on his back snoring! SOOOO Cute! He stuck out his tongue a lot too! And he danced too! He got up on his back legs & waved his front paws around!!! I almost died - the cuteness was unbearable!!!

So we took him to Cory's house because my dog would have been WAY too excited having another dog in the house. We both had to go to work Monday morning. I made some phone calls to animal control officers...a vet's office...and a local pet motel where they take all of the strays in Schenectady and left my information so they could call me if anyone was looking for Mr. Grumpus.

I went to visit him on my lunch hour that day...and when I got back from lunch there was a voicemail from a woman named Michelle saying that she had lost a dog that fit the description of Mr. Grumpus --- so I called her back right away & it turns out he was her dog & she lived only about 4 houses away from me. I guess someone had accidentally left the dog out because they were taking Michelle to the hospital or something like that. So when I got out of work that night Cory & I brought Mr. Grumpus home.

I found out that Mr. Grumpus's REAL name is Tyson...and he is about 2 years old....and he is actually a Japanese Chin.
Michelle gave us $20 for finding him! I tried to tell her we didn't want the money...but she insisted.

I was sad to see Mr. Grumpus go....cause he was so sweet...but I was glad that he was with his mom :)

We took some pics of him before we returned him...I'll try to post them when they are developed. (Yes...the old fashioned high tech digital cam yet!)