Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Is it my birthday or something?!

People keep giving me stuff!!! It's crazy (but good crazy!)

A fellow cashier at Lowe's was telling me about some mint concealer stuff that she likes. So the other day she gives me a little pot of it! It was from some little funky shop in Woodstock, NY. How nice of her!

And THEN on Monday I came home from Xerox before heading to Lowe's & checked the mail & there was a FREE CD from Jane, one of my most favorite magazines. I had recently renewed my subscription with them and I forgot that part of the deal was a free cd! Woohoo! More presents for me! So I popped it in my cd player on the way to Lowe's that night & rocked out!! It's a pretty funky cool cd from what I have listened to so far. Very girly. Not the "angry guy music" that I usually listen to! There are 14 songs - all from different artists - one in particular I really like - her name is Rosey and the song is Love. She reminds me of Fiona Apple - their voices are very similar.

So....I know you are thinking "Wow, Sarah is such a lucky girl! She gets free mint concealer AND a free CD! I am so jealous" (heheheh) BUT there is more my friends!
I came home at around 11 o'clock last night after another crappy night at Lowe's and there is Better Homes and Gardens: New Complete Guide to Gardening waiting for me on the kitchen table!!! Cory has been listening to me flip out everyday about not knowing where to begin when I am ready to start planting my bulbs & flower seeds & everything, so he went out while I was at work and bought this book for me!!! Is he the sweetest or what?! I love him! :x

What did a rotten girl like me do to deserve a bunch of free stuff and a perfect boyfriend too??!!!
All I can do is shake my head in disbelief.

Monday, April 28, 2003


Yeah, I have been lazy. I haven't updated this blog in a whole week but I guess the lovely weather (78 degrees in Albany) inspired me to write!
I feel like it's actually spring for once. Even though it has been spring for over a month now it has still been cold & snowy at times & gray & rainy & crappy.
I think maybe the cold snowy freezing weather is finally gone until next fall because today I noticed buds on the trees and bushes peeking out all over the place!
YEAH!! So now I am totally ready to get my yard all fancy & pretty & perfect.......but I have no clue where to I have been trying to read as much about gardening
as possible.

Backyard Gardener is a pretty nifty site.

Rubber-Ducky is another cool site (it has nothing to do with gardening) - makes me want to spend lots of money!

Oh speaking of good stuff - the new John Cusack movie, Identity is very good and very scary!

Monday, April 21, 2003


So, yeah, it's the day after Easter...kind of a plain old boring day. I had to work yesterday at Lowe's from 8am to 4pm (I was supposed to get out at 5 - they let me out an hour early! sweet)

On Saturday I went shopping with my mom & Janelle & Cara. I was going to get my haircut - but I wanted Janelle to get her's cut at the same time. She refused so I didn't get mine cut either.

My mom gave me an Easter basket with my favorite things: reese's peanut butter cups, cadbury eggs, Jelly Belly jelly beans, and scratch-off lotto tickets! :)

Hmm...what else happend this weekend? Not much.....oh yeah - on Friday night Cory & I rented the movie Adaption with Katie Holmes. It was...umm...weird...kinda long & sorta I was a bit dissapointed...but the end is surprising.

Friday, April 18, 2003


I am actually thinking about going back to college! I have been looking into SUNY programs that allow you to take your classes and earn a degree completely online. That means I could say I have graduated from a college that I was never physically at --- how weird is that?!?! Anyway, it seems like a great idea for me since I am working two jobs so regular college just wouldn't fit into my schedule. I could even be really sneaky & go to the SUNY Learning Network and do some of my classes while I am at work when I have nothing to do!!

I am really condsidering going for an Associates degree in Business. I have lots of research to do before I make a definite decision though.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003


Godsmack is coming to SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
May 25th - I'm there BABY!!! :) (THERE IS A HUGE SMILE ON MY FACE RIGHT NOW!!)

As if it couldn't get better - I find out that Breaking Benjamin will be opening (which is cool - since I missed seeing them at Northern Lights in February) AND possibly (hed)pe and Cold will be there too!! What did I do to deserve this??! I must have been a SWEET ASS person in a past life! :)

So this will be my 3rd time seeing Godsmack in concert. I saw them when they opened for Limp Bizkit at the Pepsi arena and then I saw them headlining their own tour in Hartford CT. Wooohooo!! I can't wait! Tix go on sale this Saturday at 10:00 AM....I hope I get good seats!!!


Friday, April 11, 2003

Good dog!

I have the cutest smartest dog in the world! (Ok - maybe she isn't THE smartest ...but anyway..)

Last night, when I was about to leave to go to my part time job, Cory & I were standing in the kitchen talking. He told me he was going to bring Delilah (that's my dog in case I haven't mentioned her name before) out to his parents house for a visit while I was at work. She hasn't been to their house in a long time and they have a dog too - so he thought it would be good to let her run around with him for a while. So I looked down at her and asked "are you going for a ride?" and I didn't say "RIDE" in any special way -- but she knew EXACTLY what I meant because she ran over to the door & then faced the keyhook where we have her leash hanging & sat & stared at it and then jumped up at it as if she was trying to pull it down! SHE IS SO DAMN SMART!! AND SO DAMN CUTE!! I couldn't stand it! She just knew that she needed her leash if she was going for a ride! She loves to take walks & go for rides in the car.

Cory & I both just stood their with our jaws dropped - looking at her - then looking back at each other & then looking at her again. It was crazy.
I think people really underestimate how intelligent animals are.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003


I made it ALMOST a month (see my entry on Wednesday, March 12th) without eating any "drive up" fast food. On Saturday my boycott came to a screaching halt! It's not because I was just craving greasy nasty food --- I actually do have a good excuse. This weekend we had a lot of snow & ice & crap (yeah-- upstate NY really sucks - it's supposed to be spring Dammit!!!!!!!!!!) so while I was finishing my shift at Lowe's on Saturday the power went out in a lot of neighborhoods - mine being one of them. Lowe's has back up generators though -- so the power didn't actually go out there.

Anyway Cory picks me up at work at around 11 PM & we go to the grocery store to pick up some last minute supplies - like candles. I was starving since I hadn't eaten dinner - and I obviously couldn't cook anything at home so we went to Taco Bell (Bleck!) and amazingly there was a REALLY long line for it being about 11:30 at night!!! So we got home & I sat on the bed & ate my gorditas by candle light. I also strung a flashlight to the ceiling fan so I could see what I was eating!

The power didn't come back on until sometime Sunday afternoon - not sure exactly at what time because I worked at Lowe's from 12:30 to 8:30.

So anyway--- to make my long story even longer --- I feel like a failure!! I avoided fast food for almost one whole month & if it wasn't for the stupid power outage then I could have gone longer! I am starting over though -- after the last bite of my gordita I started a new boycott!! Let's see how long this one lasts.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

I really have to update this page more often!

I don't have much to write about today ........the only thing new in my life so far is Elephant, the new cd from The White Stripes. I love the song Seven Nation Army's just don't know...funky & unique I dig it!

This is the first cd I have bought in a long time. I usually just download songs I like off of Kazaa.....I'm such a rotten thief! I do prefer having actual cds though because there is just something better about the real thing - rather than just a plain Memorex CD-R or whatever. I am always so excited when I do buy a cd to see the design..and I love looking through the booklets in the front sleeve. It's awesome when they have the lyrics written out there & lots of pictures. The White Stripes have the lyrics...but not so many photos.

Anyway..time to go for now - "I'M SPENT!!" (as said by that loony boy/diva who auditioned for American Idol) Heheheee.