Tuesday, May 27, 2003

Long weekend

This was a pretty good weekend - I actually had 3 full days off in a row from both jobs! woohoo!

Godsmack concert

On Sunday Cory, Cheryl & I went to SPAC to see Godsmack. That was my third time seeing them & they were awesome as usual. Big Day Out 3.

Breaking Benjamin was really good too and I was soooo happy they opened with the song Home - I love that song! I was kinda pissed that they didn't play Skin but oh well, guess I can't get everything I want.

Blind By Noon opened the show. They are a great band from Boston! I didn't even know they would be at SPAC but I'm glad they were because now I have a reason to buy a new CD! I love anything from Massachusetts because that's where I was born and most of my family still lives there - just a few minutes west of Boston. I hope they come back to the Albany area for a show again sometime soon or else I might just have to make a trip to Boston soon!

It was really cold in Saratoga the other night. I am glad I brought a sweatshirt with me or I would have froze to death! And the parking lot was kind of a nightmare getting out but some nice dude let me pull out in front of him! He rocks whoever he is! : )


I was a little nervous about this - but I took Janelle driving in my car yesterday! I went to Cobleskill to pick her up & we went to the college parking lot to start out and she seemed to be doing ok so we went out driving through the village & then out on the back country roads too. She did really good and this was her first time actually driving on roads with traffic lights & "lots" of other cars (not that Cobleskill EVER has LOTS of traffic) There are only two traffic lights in the whole village I believe - no lie! And Janelle ran the red on one of those! Ha! That was my fault though because as we approached the light turned yellow & I told her to just go through it otherwise she would have to slam on the breaks so she kinda hesitated but then stepped on the gas so by then it turned red. Other than that we had no major incidents, well except for birds trying to commit suicide in front of my car!!


Well, let's see....what else did I do besides go to the concert & play driving instructor? Hmmm..... ummm.....well....I guess not much. I wanted to get my house clean & plant flowers & stuff this weekend but it was rainy & I didn't feel like it...so I didn't!

Oh yeah! I dyed my hair on Sunday before the concert! How could I forget that? It's horrible! My hair is usually kinda streaky dark blonde & light blonde. I haven't dyed it in years so it was basically all my natural color but it was too blah...I wanted it to be lighter so I bought some permanent hair dye in a pale light blonde color but when I was done I was kinda horrified to see that my hair came out sorta bright yellow! Yikes! It has faded a little but it's still kinda bright. I don't like it so much so I don't know what I will do about it. I have a wedding to attend in less than two weeks and I don't want to look like Big Bird!

Thursday, May 22, 2003


Lately I have been thinking I really want to go to the library & take out some books. I haven't had a library card since I was like 15 or 16 I think. Why don't people go to the library more often? I mean - it's free!!! There isn't much in this world that you can get for free, not much that is useful anyway, so everyone should take advantage before the library becomes a thing of the past! Man, I sound like a major geek - but it's true - the library is a great thing!

What am I talking about? I don't even have time to go to the library to get a library card much less actually read a book! Hmpf!
I really need to find a way to get rid of my part time job. Two jobs is too many!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

What's new?

So I thought I would finally update this thing & write about the ever-so-exciting events happening in my life! Prepare yourself for utter total pure adrenaline rush. Ha ha! I crack myself up. Anyway - so this is what's new:

Cory is in Baltimore taking a class as I write this. This morning was his first time flying and he has to do it again tonight. I will be meeting him at the airport at around 10:30 tonight. I talked to him this morning after he arrived down there & he was calling me somewhere on the streets of Baltimore. He said something about 2 old Jewish ladies sitting next to him on the plane and they were on their way to Vegas! (Lucky old ladies!) He saw some guy talking to cigarette butts too I think. Hmm...I didn't talk to him long so I didn't get the full stories. I am sure he will write all about his adventure on his blog tomorrow.

Got my hair cut on Saturday. It's soooo short! Well - the longest layer ends at my shoulders and that's short for me because up until Saturday my hair was probably about halfway down my back. I haven't had it cut since last summer so I desperately needed to do something with it. I guess it's not so bad - I have had lots of compliments so I guess it doesn't look too bad considering the rat's nest of hair I had before! I convinced Janelle to get her hair cut too. It was her first time having it cut at a salon & she was all scared but her hair came out really good - she looks like a babe ;)

I bought some plants for the lawn and I haven't planted them yet. I just kept them in their little nursery containers - and they died already!! Well maybe they didn't exactly die, but they are all dried out & the flowers are wilted. :( I think it's because they are meant for shade/partial shade areas & I accidentally left them out in the hot sun all day on Saturday! Wooops! Hopefully I can revive them. I also bought a hanging flower basket. I can't remember the type of flower but they are very cute and so far it's doing ok. I have managed to keep a plant alive for a few days! Yeah!

Oh! I watched Mad TV on Saturday night. Some of the skits are really stupid but it is so worth it to see Lorraine and Stuart. Heh! I hope they make a movie about one of those characters or both together in the same movie! That would be so incredibly funny.

Hmmm...what else is new? Not much....so I guess I will stop writing for now!


Thursday, May 15, 2003


I got my tickets for Big Day Out 3. There are five of us going & unfortunately I bought the tix in a presale & they must have only realeased a few sections for the presale because I could not get 5 seats together. I ended up getting 3 seats in section 9 Row QQ & 2 seats in Section 9 Row PP ....so we will be split up..but I thought those were my only options. I was bummed when I went to Ticketmaster the other day when the tix went on sale to the public & found that now I could get 5 seats all together in Section 12.
*SIGH* Oh well....at least we have fairly good seats. Kinda weird- I am sitting in section 9 for the Godsmack show and section 9 for BDO too!

I am even more excited about BDO than I was before because they announced that Hoobastank and Trapt will be playing too! WOOHOO!! I'm happy!!

Friday, May 09, 2003

Kitchen Gadget Freak

I think I have some strange, maybe unhealthy, obsession with small kitchen appliances and gadgets. Ok....well..maybe I shouldn't call it an "obsession" seeing that I don't even own that many appliances, but that's only because of a serious lack of dough (hahaha- get it? I am such a dweeb!) otherwise I would own every appliance known to man!

Here are some appliances/gadgets that have been catching my eye lately:

SnapJack - it cuts your pancakes into "perfect bites"

Salton Santa Fe Quesadilla Maker - I gaze at this longingly everytime I am at Target.

Ron Popeil's Pasta Maker - I didn't have cable TV growing up, so I actually had the pleasure of watching Ron make pasta on the weekends. He made it look so easy....I have always wanted a pasta maker.

Black & Decker Food Steamer - I really, really, really want one of these! I need one! Right now!!

Back to Basics Smoothie Maker

Cuisinart ICE-40BK Flavor Duo Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream & Sorbet Maker

Taco Proppers

Cotton Candy Machine

Pizzazz Pizza Maker

What a life I have! 22 years old & I am writing about food gadgets?!?!

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Cucumber Sacrifice

*Warning - this is NOT a joke!!!!*

So...I am bored today as usual & somehow I stumble across this amazing site....my life is now complete....because -

It's only 200 days until The 6th International Pickle Festival!!!!!!!!!! Yes, that's right - this will be the SIXTH!!! SIX PICKLE FESTIVALS!!! And if this couldn't get any better I found out this will take place on Sunday November 23, 2003 in Rosendale, NY! Only 75 miles south of Schenectady according to Mapquest!! WOOHOOO!!!

Pack your bags Cory 'cause we're goin' to Pickle Festival!!!

According to the site "You are going to taste everything from pickled fruit, garlic, eggs, pigs feet, sausage, fish and much more." Mmmm..pickled pigs feet! My favorite!! EWWW GAG BARF ACK! If they are trying to entice people to come to the festival maybe they shouldn't have included that sentence on their web page.... I don't want to even SEE pickled eggs, pigs feet, sausage and fish let alone EAT them! ICK! And what is MUCH MORE??! What else can you pickle? Twinkies? Cotton Candy? Sheep's eye balls? Pigeon legs? Bubble gum? So now I HAVE to go - cause I really need to know what the "much more" part is all about!

And why are they holding a pickle festival in November??! Right before Thanksgiving too! A pickle celebration seems much more of a spring or summer affair rather than Fall going into Winter. Who eats pickles in the snow?


Monday, May 05, 2003


I want some Cherry Coke but there is none in the vending machine. Dammit!!!

Friday, May 02, 2003

Concert Announcement!

Channel 103.1 (WHRL) just announced some of the lineup for their Big Day Out 3 concert at SPAC on July 5th!!!!
Staind, Evanescence, Eve 6, Static-X, and more bands to be announced later! I am definitely going! Tix go on sale next Friday - I hope I get good seats!!

Everyone always grumbles about the capital district (hence the nickname "Smallbany") - but for the supposed lack of excitement we sure do get a lot of kick ass bands to play here!! So there all you grumblers!! *sticks out tongue*