Monday, June 30, 2003


I didn't get a chance to update my blog on Friday to say that I would be heading to Massachusetts for the weekend.

On Thursday night I brought Janelle over to my house & she slept over. We stayed up until about 2 in the morning talking to her boyfriend Russell on AIM. Haha ...we were crazy...and he is too cute :) So then I got up at about 6:30...decided not to go to work (I was going to work a half day) and then we had to wait for my mom to get out of work (at 7 o'clock Friday night). She got to my house at around 7:45 and we were finally leaving my driveway heading to Mass. at about 8:30 PM. We arrived at my aunt's house in Tewksbury, MA at around midnight.

The reason we went out there for the weekend was to help move my Nana (my mom's mother) from an apartment she has lived in for 17 years to an "elderly housing community" or whatever you want to call it. It's not some horrible nursing home or something. It's actually a really nice place. It used to be a big castle/mansion type thing & they renovated it recently & made apartments for older people. It's very modern inside & I think Nana likes it (I hope she does anyway) and it's in a much safer area than where she was living previously.

We don't get to visit all of our relatives in Massachusetts very often, usually only once or twice a year so it was kind of strange going out for just the weekend but it was nice to see everyone.

We left yesterday at around 6:30 PM & got back to my house at exactly 10:00 PM. My weekend went by too quickly.

Oh well, at least next weekend is a 3 day weekend because of the 4th of July & Big Day Out III is on Saturday! Yay! I'm exicted. I can't wait to go! Woohoo!

Thursday, June 26, 2003

good advice

Don't drive past a garbage dump on a 96 degree day with your windows all rolled down! Peeeee-yoooooo!!


Tuesday, June 24, 2003

woopity doo!

Adam Sandler got married on Sunday to his longtime girlfriend Jackie Titone! Yay for Adam! You can see pics of the wedding on his official site. Check out Adam's dog in a tux! Too cute!

I love Adam Sandler, he is just too funny! I know his movies aren't always so intelligent or deep and meaningful but they are usually so funny that you laugh so much your tummy hurts! I think my favorite Adam movies are Big Daddy and The Wedding Singer. I really want to see Punch Drunk Love which comes out on DVD today!!! I think maybe in celebration of Adam & Jackie's wedding I will be stopping by the video store tonight! Hehe :)

Oh..that reminds me of something Cory asked me once......When do you think we will start calling them "DVD stores" instead of "video stores"?? It seems like more people rent DVDs today than they do VHS!


Monday, June 23, 2003

the silver bullet

I have only owned two cars in my 22 years here on this earth. I got my first car in 1999 (a year after I graduated high school), it was a silver '92 Plymouth Acclaim. I think my mom came up with the nickname "silver bullet." Haha. I hated & loved that car at the same time. It was such an old lady car. I always wanted a Volkswagon Jetta or some little sporty Chevy Cavalier or something like that, and somehow my dad talked me into getting this granny-mobile. It did have a swanky maroon velvet-like interior, which I liked and it was just really comfortable to ride in. I loved it because it was MY car - it meant that I could hop in & drive anywhere I wanted to (as long as I could afford the gas!!) That car gave me tons of problems though, it needed a lot of repairs. I had that car for two years & I decided I wanted something safer and more reliable.

In the spring of 2001 I got a black 1997 Honda CR-V. Once again it's kind of a geeky car not quite designed for someone in my age group but I love this car (SUV, whatever you want to call it). I have not had a single problem with this car since I bought it! (KNOCK ON WOOD!!!) Sometimes I wish I had a car that was more sporty or fun, but I am really glad to have a vehicle that is so reliable, probably more reliable than most cars out there.

When I got the CR-V I never got rid of "the silver bullet." It has been parked in my driveway since May of 2001!!! We attempted to sell it to some guy last year but he ended up backing out, but other than that I never really made an attempt to get rid of it. Well a coworker of my mom's was telling her last week how her husband really needed a car desperately because his just died. So she told them that I had a car to get rid of it but it needs some work done to it. They came to my house yesteray to check it out & I told them they could have it for free. So sometime this week they will be taking it away!! I'm a little sad to see my first car go but I'm glad it's going to a nice family and we will finally have more room in the driveway! Yeah!

Friday, June 20, 2003

breaking into my own house

So, this morning started out bad anyway. I couldn't find anything to wear. I finally settle on a pair of jeans & I decide to wear boots with tall chunky heels that make me about 3 inches taller & they are extremely uncomfortable - but I sit at a desk all day so what do I care right? I should mention I never, ever wear these boots - I think the last time I did was probably in December. So I grab my purse, lock the kitchen door & walk out to my car to head to work. As I am walking across my lawn to the car I think "Ugh these boots are killing my feet already & I have only had them on for like 2 minutes!!"

I get to my car and realize "Uh oh! My car doors are locked......and..........oh crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have my keys!! They are locked inside the house hanging on the key hook" AGHHHH!!!!! I try not to panic and I go over to the spot where we usually have a spare key hidden, but I was pretty sure it wasn't there because Cory got locked out recently too & couldn't find it so he had to wait for me to come home from work that day to let him in. I thought I would check anyway to really make sure the spare key wasn't there and of course it wasn't. Just wonderful! I go over to our living room window and try pushing it up but it didn't budge. I don't know if I'm not strong enough or if it was locked from the inside maybe, so I just gave up on that window.

Next I go over to the tiny back kitchen window, which is about 6 feet up from the ground I would guess. I am short...about 5'2 :( I know my only option is to stand on the patio furniture. I know I can't do this with my boots on so I take those off & I am walking around my muddy/dirty backyard getting my jeans & socks all filthy & wet. I use a nail file to rip open the screen on the window. One of my cats, Jasper, is sticking his face out the window, getting in my way, meanwhile my doggie, Delilah, is freaking out & jumping up at the window & whimpering because she is confused. I try to push both of them out of the way and I stand on my patio chair & try to pull myself up into the window. I get my upper body inside the kitchen, this leaves my big bum and my legs flailing around outside the window. I was stuck! I couldn't pull myself any farther in through the window. The old lady next door was probably peeing her pants watching me I bet!!! I finally struggle back out of the window & contemplate other ways to get in.

I decide I have to get one leg in the window first but the chair isn't tall enough so I drag over the patio table - which has a glass top mind you! I put that alongside the chair & put one foot on each piece of furniture and I am freaking out because I am so afraid that my foot is going to bust through the glass (I have no shoes on remember!) but the only way I am going to get in is by putting all my weight on the table top. Yikes!! So somehow I get every ounce of strength in my body and quickly grab onto the window frame, tranfer all weight to my right leg which is on the table & hop up & swing my left leg into the kitchen window. Phew! The table didn't shatter and I am halfway in! Then I just had to twist myself through the tiny window & get inside.

I get inside & realize I am already about 25 minutes late to work & I had to go change my pants & socks because they were all muddy. So here I am at work (I ended up being about 40 minutes late) and I have sneakers on! Screw the boots!! I don't think I will ever wear those again!! If I was wearing sneakers in the first place I think everything would have gone much smoother & faster. Oh well....I'm here...I didn't break my neck or cut my foot open with glass. And tonight is my last night working at Lowe's! YEAH! :)


Thursday, June 19, 2003


I was just reading on ljc's blog that she saw the Peep's Fun Bus yesterday in Rochester, NY!

I am not normally a huge fan of Peeps but once in a while you just crave a little sugary chick! So, I figured if the Fun Bus is in Rochester then they must be heading to Albany soon since we are only a few hours away. I was right!! According to the site the bus will roll into Albany on July 7th and will be here until the 13th!! Woohoo!! I can't wait! I have to go see it!! I am so glad Jenny wrote about it or else I probably would have missed out!

Betcha didn't know - "In 1953, it took 27 hours to create one Marshmallow Peep. Today, it takes six minutes."

Ugh. Maybe I WON'T eat Peeps ever again! I just read this on their site - "What is the source of gelatin in the Peeps? The gelatin we use is derived from pork products." Bleck! Poo!!!


Wednesday, June 18, 2003

crafty wannabe

*sigh* I was so excited about making marble magnets. I spent two nights pawing through old magazines for cool designs to glue onto the marbles & I found a ton! Last night I finally made my first attempt at putting them together. I pulled out the marbles, magnets, magazine clippings, and the glue. I was sooo excited because I love making crafty things but I usually suck at it and I thought this would be sooooo easy & would look sooo cool.......but, alas, my magnets were crap! I only tried to make 2 or 3 of with some stupid boring design and one with the Batman logo. The thing is that my marbles are crap. They were all warped & bubbly on the bottom so you can barely see the image through the glass & a lot of the marbles are totally not round! So they did stick & everything but they just look like crappy sloppy magnets, not the perfect little circular wonders that I had envisioned!! Why are everyone elses so much better than mine??? Waaahhhh :(

Ok, I will stop pouting now. Actually I think I will just try buying some better marbles & I really should buy smaller magnets because I bought magnets that were about the same size as the marbles and it turns out when they are put together that they are a little bit too big for the marbles. So, I will give it another attempt with better marbles & smaller magnets and maybe then I can have perfect little magnets like everyone else's!

I love the idea of making crafty things. I have tried making candles (those came out kinda horrible) and soap (that wasn't too bad...but not so cute...kinda blah) before but I give up too easily. When a project doesn't work out exactly like I envision it I usually give up. I am so bad!! I really wish I was one of those people who were just born crafty and artistic. My dad is one of those types of people. He makes awesome stone carvings & builds beautiful fireplaces & walls & lanterns & clocks & more out of stone. My mom is very good at drawing too but she doesn't do it as a hobby. I remember she used to color with me when I was younger & her coloring was always so perfect. You would think I would be so artistic then, but sadly I'm not.

I think I have a creative imagination but my hands aren't quite up to speed! I always think of crafty ideas but when & if I do try them out they usually don't come out as well as I hoped. Ah well, I guess practice makes perfect so I am not going to let myself give up on the marble magnets! I will cut & glue until my fingers bleed!!! :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

happy little quitter

Yeah! I did it! I quit my stupid job at Lowe's!!! Actually, I told one of the managers that I would finish out the rest of my week, so I have tonight & tomorrow off & then I work Thursday & Friday and then I am all done! Yippeee!!

I am sooo happy that I will actually have time to get stuff done & time to relax & time to have fun! I won't spend my whole life working.

I do feel really bad though because I will miss a lot of my coworkers, although I am sure I will see them once in a while when I go in to shop. I just feel really guilty quitting though. I don't know why...I just do. Everytime I do something that in some way dissapoints someone else (even if it's something that I am doing to make myself a happier person) I just feel totally guilty & horrible forever. I am going to give myself an ulcer one of these days.

But besides all the guilt I really am happy! Hehe!

Monday, June 16, 2003


I woke up this morning totally dazed & confused. I had no clue what day it was. I asked Cory and he said "Monday" and I thought he was joking because for some reason I thought it was Saturday. So I told him to shut up because I thought he was just trying to play tricks on me.....but then he was a little confused & thought "wait! is it Monday or not?" but finally realized it really was unfortunately. I soooo didn't want to get up but I had bright sun & cats & the dog in my face so that kept me awake for the most part.

On Saturday I went out to lunch & went shopping with Cory, Janelle, and my mom. I wanted to find stuff to make Marble Magnets. Not Martha and Lisanne (oh poo! :( her site isn't working today) inspired me with theirs! Their magnets looked so cool and I love cutting stuff out of magazines so I knew this would be a fun project! So we went to Jo-Ann Fabrics in search of round magnets & flat glass marbles but I didn't see them. I am sure they had them but that store is kind of cramped & not well organized. I did find a really cute moon & stars wall stencil & some squares of fabric they had for less than $2 a square! I grabbed two identical prints thinking that maybe I will try to make a little pillow with them or something. I think the squares are really meant for quilting but they are fairly large so they will be good for a pillow.

Then we headed to Michael's because I was determined to find those marble magnet supplies! I like Michael's much better! I could spend a whole day drooling over stuff that I want to buy! I found the magnets & marbles & some silicone glue right away. I also found some more fabric squares for another pillow! Yeah! I think I have a new fascination with fabric. There are so many cool prints. I have to think of more stuff to make besides pillows though. I don't really know how to sew. I am just going to have to do a trial & error thing with the pillows.

I remembered afterwards that I wanted to get fabric so my mom can make a duvet cover for my comforter. We went to Walmart because I know they have cheap fabric. I found this really nice fabric (not sure what type it) for $1 per yard in the bargain bin!! Woohoo! It's a really nice dark pink/purple color. We bought the whole 18 yards that was left of it even though we didn't need that much fabric, but for that price why not?!

I had to work all day at Lowe's yesterday, so I didn't get to see my dad on Father's day :( I think I am going to quit Lowe's. I have been thinking about it for a while now and I think tonight will be the night I quit. I will probably tell them that I will work until the 27th of this month because the schedule has already been posted for that week. I just hate working there a lot. They expect us to do too much (like lifting REALLY heavy stuff & cleaning the bathrooms and mopping the floors, etc.) and I have to deal with too many rude customers! :( It's nice to have Lowe's as a second job because it's a lot of extra money, but I am also wasting my whole life away working. I work 40 hours per week for Xerox and I work usually anywhere between 20 - 30 hours at Lowe's every week. So I have no personal time left! I have one full day off per week (Saturdays) and usually one or maybe two weeknights & that's just not enough time to get stuff done that I want to. So......pretty soon Lowe's is going to have one less employee!

Wow! I just realized this post is extremely long! Ah...well....I guess it makes up for the days that go by without me posting at all. Hehehe :)


Thursday, June 12, 2003

Rap Snacks?!?!

You have got to be kidding me!?Rap Snacks?!?!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003


I have comments on my blog now thanks to SquawkBox!!!
Below each entry you can leave a comment for me! Woohoo!
I love comments (as long as they aren't mean!!)

*Bleh...ick. I tried updating my site a little by adding some more links .....but it's all messy and I don't have time to fix it! Oh well..I will try to de-messify (new word!) it tomorrow.
Rhode Island Recap

-Left Schenectady at about 10 AM
-Arrived in the Warwick area at around 1 PM
-Went to Beavertail State Park in Jamestown, RI for a while. It's out on an island & it's very pretty! If you are ever in Rhode Island go check it out. I got a little bit of a sunburn (my first of the summer) while I was there....ooops!
-Checked into Motel 6 a few hours later.
-Went to dinner at Legal Sea Foods. Janelle & I don't eat sea food so we each got the chicken with grilled pineapple which was one of the very few things on the menu that wasn't sea food. It's a very nice restaurant looks-wise even if I wasn't too thrilled with the food. I did have bon-bons for dessert though! :)
-Went to Target in Warwick for some last minute stuff I needed.

-Woke up at around 6:45 AM because some moron in the next room was talking soooo loud and the walls are paper thin.
-Janelle & I went to breakfast at Bickford's. I had waffles & home fries & we made fun of old people. Janelle almost spewed orange juice out of her nose when we saw an old man zooming across the parking lot in a Hoveround.
-Went to the wedding ceremony in Cranston, RI. Saw all my relatives that I haven't seen in years. Kristen (the bride) looked beautiful! She looked just like brides you see in magazines or on TV.
-Went to the wedding reception at Potowomut Golf Club in East Greenwich, RI. That was pretty fun even though my aunt's & cousin's somehow talked Janelle & I into dancing & it was caught on tape by my dad! Yikes!!
-Got back to the hotel & realized we were hungry so we went to a gas station across the street & bought $10 worth of junk food. Heh!

-Woke up at around 8:00 AM & got on the road by 9:00.
-Stopped at a rest stop on the Mass Pike & the fire alarms were going off so we all had to evacuate! No cinnamon & sugar soft pretzel for me! :(
-Got back to NY at around 12:30 PM.
-Thought I was done driving for the weekend after 3 hours in the car but instead drove all around Albany looking for a place to get food while we waited for my RI photos to be developed.

Some of the pictures came out good. If I figure out a way to post them I will.

*OH! I almost forgot. We noticed that there seems to be a donut shop on every corner in Rhode Island! I swear - everytime I turned around there was another Dunkin' Donuts or Honeydew Donuts! Those crazy Rhode Islanders sure do LOVE donuts!

Thursday, June 05, 2003

Road Trip

So, yeah, I'm going on a min-vaca this weekend! Woohoo! I will be leaving for Rhode Island tomorrow morning. My cousin Kristen is getting married on Saturday in Cranston, RI. Hopefully tomorrow we will get a chance to see the ocean! I should be home sometime on Sunday and I took Monday off from my daytime job just 'cause I wanted an extra long weekend.

My dress for the wedding is black with purple that bad?? I know black shouldn't really be worn to weddings but it took me forever to find a dress that I liked & that fit me! Actually I originally bought a light blue dress with a flower & paisley design...but I just didn't like it & it was too hard to match shoes to I went in search of another dress instead. So, if my family wants to disown me for wearing black to a wedding then so be it! Heh!

I wish I had a digital camera so I could take tons of pics of Rhode Island. Maybe Janelle will remember to bring her snazzy little Advantix camera. (I will buy you some film Janelle!!)

So much to do & so little time!! I have to work at Lowe's tonight and I won't get home until after 11 o'clock. I have to somehow find the time to do laundry & buy some necessary travel items and pack my bags (yes, bags plural!! I can never just take one bag on a trip!) and clean my house all between 11:00 tonight & 9:00 tomorrow morning!!! Oh yeah, and I have to try to fit some sleep in there somewhere! URGH! I am such a procrastinator. I run around like a chicken with it's head cut off the night before I leave on any sort of trip. I drive myself nuts sometimes. Ok - gotta go make a "to do" list for myself!

Wednesday, June 04, 2003


This blog is boring me. I need something new. A whole new blog needs a makeover!!
The only problem is that I know nothing about making my own template. I know I can download free templates from other sites but when I try I just can't get them to work for some reason. I guess I can just keep playing around until I figure it out......but until then I think maybe I will just try to make the exisiting blog a little more interesting & I will try to update it more often.