Wednesday, July 30, 2003

cookies & music

I just had chocolate chip cookies & fruit punch for breakfast! Reminds me of being in elementary school & having snack time or something.

Oh, I am so sleepy today. I went to bed late because I was working on a mixed CD for my favorite new website - Nervousness. It's an awesome sight that's too hard to explain so you will just have to go there & check it out! I only joined a few weeks ago & I am addicted! I'm not an "official member" yet but I hope I will be soon. So the project I am doing now is a mixed CD with the theme "people, places & things." I have been working on it for a while now, trying to find good songs and I am almost done now.

Janelle's friend, John, sent me some MP3s to help me out. One of the songs he sent me is "Fireflies" by Count the Stars. It's an awesome song...I love it! I am not sure if you will ever read this, but - thank you so much John!!! You rock! :)

*UPDATE* I can't believe it! I was just reading some more about Count The Stars and I just realized they are a band that started out locally, in Albany in '95! Sweet! I knew I had seen them listed for shows in the area but I didn't know they were from around here. Sounds like they are doing pretty good though...they are on The Warped Tour this summer! Neato! You can read their bio here.


Tuesday, July 29, 2003


I read a funny story today in Yahoo News about "flash mobs". They descibe this an an "absurdist idea." Do you find this absurd? I find it pretty funny myself!

I just realized how much I love the word absurd. It's great. I think I will use it more often.


Saturday, July 26, 2003

wasted at the g-spot

Last night I got so trashed.........and today I am totally paying for it. :(

A work friend invited me to go to a bar called The Glenville Spot (aka "THE G-SPOT") because his friend's band, Constant Elevation, was playing. So Cory & Cheryl & I went....and the band was awesome! I definitely want to go see them play again.

So...I don't drink all that often & when I do I get tipsy very fast! Well to make a long story short we had lots of fun & I had a coke with bacardi limon and SIX shots of Goldschlager!!!!!!!!! I had 3 shots at the bar (spread out over the 2 or 2 1/2 hours we were there) and then when we got home Cheryl poured some Goldschlager that I had (yes, my own private stock!) in plastic cups - one for me & one for her. There was probably about two shots worth in each cup...she had some of hers & I had most of mine & then I took what was left of hers & dumped it in my cup & drank that too!!! I was already very drunk by then so I guess I didn't stop to think that I didn't even really want to drink anymore but I drank it anyway! Stupid stupid me. So all of that drinking led to me throwing up (sorry! gross I know!!) 2 times last night before bed & 4 times today. That's once for each shot! ICK!!!!

That is the most drunk I have EVER been. I was proud of myself that I had never been so hammered that I got sick and/or couldn't remember events of the previous night. Well, so much for that. I can remember a lot of stuff that happened last night but there are some things that Cory & Cheryl swore that I did that I just do not remember. Like the second time I got sick last night I totally don't remember. Poor Cory...he had to take care of me.

But all in all I guess it was fun. I just wish I hadn't drank those shots once we got home because then maybe I wouldn't have been sick. I did some crazy stuff last night. Some guy wearing a kilt was talking to Cheryl all night....I told him repeatedly not to drink & drive, and I wore his baseball hat & told him it was sweaty - but really it was just wet because I spilled Cheryl's drink all over the table & his hat. I sang A LOT in the car on the way home and I NEVER sing in front of people...but I kept singing my favorite song of the moment "Blue & Yellow" by THE USED over & over & over again. We went to the grocery store on the way home & Cheryl & I burst out giggling when we walked in the front door to see about 10 people in line waiting to check out & it felt like they were all staring at us so we ran towards to the bathrooms laughing all the way. Then I had toilet paper stuck to my shoe.....I thought that only happens on tv.....I mean..who really gets tp on their shoe? I guess! So somehow we manage to walk around the grocery store while Cory tries to look for aspirin for me because he thinks I will definitely need some in the morning. I picked up a box of Fla*Vor*Ice with The Hulk on it & shoved it at Cory so he would buy them for me...and I am glad I did because they are making me feel better and it's all I can really keep down! So as if all of this insanity wasn't enough - we get home & Cory lets the dog outside & I am bending down petting her & I guess supporting all of my weight on her when she decides to run across the yard & I fall flat on my face onto the grass!!! Right on my nose! I thought it was broken so Cory gave me ice for it and it seemed fine after that.

I am so ashamed of myself!!!! I really think it's going to be a long long LONG time until I drink again. Just the site of the Goldschlager bottle on the counter this morning was enough to turn my stomach. Yucky. I definitely learned my lesson, so hopefully that was the first & last time that I drink so much I get sick. I shouldn't have even blogged about all of this because it makes me sound stupid...but hey.....this is probably the most eventful thing that has happened to me in a while! I am by no means proud of what I did........but I guess someday in the future I can read my blog archives & laugh at my stupidity. Poor stupid me!!

Thursday, July 24, 2003

cool sites

So what do you do when you have a boring easy job where you basically get paid to sit around in a cubicle and do nothing all day??? Well I cruise the internet for good websites of course!!!

So here are some good places to check out for all of you people out there who don't have as much time on your hands to hunt these places down! :)

The Body Bakery - bath & beauty products that make me hungry!!

SelfNetwork - test yourself – mind/body/spirit/love

urban nomad awesome home decor & gift items

Epinions read & submit reviews on just about anything

Candy USA lots of interesting info about candy & chocolate

Oriental Trading Company a place to buy crafty stuff & other fun junk

ReadyMade a nifty magazine with lots of diy stuff

Interesting Ideas's...interesting! I love all of the "roadside art"

FontFreak fun free fonts!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

a little bit of nothing

I have been slacking on updating this page lately. Bad me!

I haven't had much to write about. I tried posting yesterday but the page timed out or something & lost my whole post so I didn't even want to bother retyping because what I wrote originally was pretty boring....I just wrote about the weather the other day. We had major rain, wind, thunderstorms and there were 3 tornadoes south of Albany. I am pretty sure no one was killed but there were some houses destroyed.

Ho Hum....I guess that's all........ I am in such a blah mood today. I guess I'm just in a *funk* (I really don't like that word. I like "funky" but not "funk")

Hmm...well.......ok.......guess that's all for today.


Monday, July 21, 2003

still here

Yes, I'm still alive. I feel bad when I neglect my blog for days & days :(

I ended up not spending so much time by myself afterall. Cory was home from his business trip on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night! I was happy enough about that because originally he was only going to be home one night last week before he had to head out on the road again. So on Saturday morning he had to leave for Binghamton, NY at around 7 AM. I was all bummed because he thought he probably wouldn't be back until Wednesday or Thursday this week.

I went out to my mom's house on Saturday to visit & so Janelle could practice driving my car. I got back to my house at around 4:30 that afternoon & when I pulled in the driveway Cory's company's van that he is using for travelling was in the driveway!!! I couldn't believe it! So as I ran across the lawn to the house he met me outside & I was all smiley asking him what he was doing home and he said the equipment they use broke so they couldn't do the work in Binghamton. Yay! So now he is free!! They might have to go finish the work they didn't get to do sometime in October, but that's months away so I will worry about that then. Heh!

Yesterday we tried to take my dog, Delilah, swimming in a creek. It's a big wide area of a creek that gets pretty deep in parts. There were some people in a canoe & some guys fishing and I think Delilah was more concerned with keeping an eye on them than she was with swimming. So we didn't stay there for too long.

Oh, I almost forgot, on Friday night Cory & I were about to go into Walmart when we ran into our friends Chris & Lynette. They are they ones that just had a baby on June 30th. This is the first time we got to see the baby because we didn't want to bother them to soon after she was born because we knew they had tons of family & friends at their house. She is such a beautiful baby. Her name is Mya Grace. So cute!!! She was sleeping the whole time we were talking to them in the parking lot so I didn't get to see her eyes, but still, she is so sweet! I have been trying to think of some good ideas for a gift to give little Mya, but the only ideas that come to mind are either a gift card to a photography studio so they can have professional pictures of her, or just the usual clothes, blankies thing that most people get as baby gifts but that seems a little boring. Well, we'll see. I am sure I will think of something fun.

Thursday, July 17, 2003!

I found an awesome website! Yay! Worth1000 is "the top creative competition and photoshop contest site on the web." I wish I had photoshop here at work so I could do fun stuff like this all day!

I especially like the "Pleasantville" photos. They are photos that were originally black & white that the artist has added color to, like these. I love old black & white pictures.

When I was a little girl I remember being so sure that everything I saw in black & white movies or tv was actually black & white. I thought color just didn't exist back then. I remember feeling bad for my parents because they didn't have any color when they were kids, that is until color was "invented". What a silly girl I was!


Tuesday, July 15, 2003

coke & popcorn

So sad, I am twenty-two years old (2 months shy of 23), and I am still eating the lunches of a high school girl. I had a WHOLE bag of popcorn (ughh....I feel kinda icky now) and I am washing that down with a bottle of coke. healthy...not. I did take my dog for a walk on my lunch break & then I just didn't have time to make anything to bring back to work with me. Oh well, as unhealthy as it may be, that popcorn is the BEST stuff ever. I swear I have never had better microwave popcorn in my whole life and I don't think I can go back to eating anything else. So, I know by now you are just dying to know what this mysterious wonderful popcorn is...right??? Well.............................ok....I will tell you .... it's Act II - Sweet Corn on the Cob Flavor. Normally I can't eat a whole bag of popcorn, and I usually get the low fat or fat free crap trying to be "healthy" but this stuff is full of fat & I can still chow down the whole bag. I hope they never stop making this stuff. I don't know what I will do! I should go to Walmart & stock up!

Last night I watched The Good Girl. It was good but kind of depressing. I thought Jennifer Aniston wouldn't be very believable in this movie because all I can really see her as is "Rachel" from Friends, but she did a very good job. I am normally not such a huge fan of her's, but I think this movie has given me more respect for her. I really like Zooey Deschanel in this movie. Her character's name is "Cheryl" and she's a riot.

So, my instructions for everyone is to watch The Good Girl while you munch on some Act II Sweet Corn popcorn!

Monday, July 14, 2003

home alone

Yay! It's almost 11:00 AM & I get to leave work at Noon today! I am taking a half day because Cory is leaving for Yonkers tonight for work. He will be there for 2 nights I think, then back home for a day or 2 & then he has to go away again somewhere else in NY for about a week (maybe more!) :( I will be home all alone! Yikes! Kinda scary.....and boring! It's going to be weird coming home from work everyday and not seeing him...and waking up every morning without him. I think I will be doing a lot of house cleaning while he is away and maybe I will watch a lot of chick flicks! I already have one ready to go! I rented The Good Girl, I think I might watch that tonight.

We took my mom to Olive Garden on Saturday for her birthday. I had Chicken Giardino (chicken, vegetables & pasta in a lemon-herb sauce. It's really good...I highly recommend it!

Yesterday as a belated wedding anniversary gift for Cory's parents we bought them two apple trees (one red delicious and one golden delicious) to plant in their yard. We brought them to their house & planted them in the spots they chose. They told us at the nursery it is kind of late in the season to plant trees but if we planted them right away & gave them lots of water they should be fine. I hope they live. I am sure they will look pretty when they are full grown. I thought trees would be a nice gift because they are kind of symbolic & it's not something you just throw out or forget about. I think Cory had an ulterior motive for giving them apple trees though....he told his mom that he expects some home made apple pies in return! Too funny!

Well, only 45 minutes until I can go home - so I better finish up some work.

*I hope there aren't any psycho-stalkers reading my blog since I mentioned that I would be home alone. Yikes! Well, I do have my *ferocious* dog to protect me! Heh*

Friday, July 11, 2003

the good, the bad, and the ugly

good: It's Friday! Yay! I bought the new CD by The Used. I love it! Blue and Yellow is my favorite song at the moment. New CDs make me happy! :)

bad: It's another rainy cloudy day. Bleck.

ugly: Does anyone else out there put off doing laundry for so long that you realize you really have nothing to wear?? Well I do that all too often so then I am forced to wear ugly icky clothes that I hate & it kinda ruins my whole day. I am wearing a pair of jeans that I never wear unless I absolutely have to & a shirt that I haven't worn in like 6 months because I decided I hated it, oh and it also has a stain right in the center of the belly area which I didn't realize until I got to work today. Am I the only person who is so affected by my clothes?? Is it horrible that ugly clothes put me in a less than chipper mood?? Well I guess this should teach me a lesson! DO MY LAUNDRY!!!!! (Guess I know how I will be spending my Friday night!!)


Wednesday, July 09, 2003


So the sun has peeked out a little bit & it's less cloudy- YES! I can actually see blue in the sky! Yay! And it's almost time for me to go home for the day so I am in a much better mood.

I am also happy because I found a cool website for when I am bored at work! I am totally addicted to this site now! I can't stop answering the questions! Woohoo! I found it today while I was searching this site, which lists a whole bunch of things to do online when you are bored. I am so glad people out there are creative enough to make these websites - what would I do all day at work if they didn't??! :)
rainy day

Bleck. The weather here today is all gray & cloudy & a little bit's depressing. Makes me tired & my mission today is to find some things online to cheer me up!! :) I will post any interesting findings later on.

Dinner last night was pretty good - I had the "Alice Springs Chicken" (with no mushrooms!) and french fries. Cory & I shared a piece of cheesecake with caramel sauce - which was a little bit too sweet--but good! Cheryl ordered the "chocolate thunder from down under" for dessert - we giggled & snickered as she asked the waiter for this of course. Heh! We are so immature.

I think Cheryl liked her present. We bought her an HP scanner because she used to always come over to our house & have to borrow ours & she always said she wished she had one at her parent's now she does.

Well, I am off to search the 'net for some happiness-inducing items (like clothes, shoes, hats, bags, you know- that kind of stuff)


Tuesday, July 08, 2003

happy birthday cheryl !!!!

Yay! Today is my friend Cheryl's 22nd birthday :)

Cheryl & I have been friends since I was about 12 years old I think. She also happens to be my boyfriend, Cory's sister! It's a confusing situation - see our mother's used to be coworkers & they introduced us kids because Cheryl & Cory also have a younger sister, Megan, a year older than my sister Janelle. It all worked out pretty good - me & Cheryl were friends (and eventually I became better friends with Cory - and started dating him when I was about 14) and Megan & Janelle were friends, and my mom & their mom were friends! Kind of like some weird modern day Brady Bunch! Now that our mothers don't work together anymore they don't see each other so often - and Megan & Janelle were finally just reunited at the Big Day Out concert because they hadn't seen each other in a couple of years!

Today also happens to be Cory & Cheryl & Megan's parent's 25th wedding anniversary! I haven't seen his parents in a looong time, but tonight Cory & I are meeting his family for dinner to celebrate Cheryl's b-day & the anniversary. We are going to Outback Steakhouse. I have never been there before, I'm not much of a steak person (in fact - I can't remember the last time I ate steak! It was probably like 8 years ago or something! Seriously!) but it looks like they have a few kinds of chicken to pick from so that's most likely what I will be eating.

I hope Cheryl likes the birthday present we got her. I wish I was more crafty & artistic - I would have made her some really cool gift. Cheryl is an artist & she can make really awesome stuff! (Like the giant ear with a giant q-tip she made for one of her college classes once! Heh! Too funny) So giving someone who is artistic a gift that has been plucked from the shelves of Circuit City just makes me feel like a lazy unimaginative fool - but hey! I guess we all can't be artists can we?? Maybe I should start working on a bday present for her NEXT birthday & by then I might have a wonderful creation. Actually- I did make her a Ruben Studdard "card" that I put in Power Point & emailed to her today! Hehehe. I was searching for a virtual postcard & didn't see any I liked so I decided to make my own. I stole a pic of Ruben from some website & put a speech bubble next to him so it would look like he was singing "happy birthday to you!!" It's very cheesy & looks like a 5 year old made it --but hey - I am not a pro with Microsoft Paint! Want a laugh? Check out my creation here! Hahaha. I crack myself up sometimes.

Well, anyway, if you ever read this Miss Cheryl - Happy Birthday!!! :)


Monday, July 07, 2003

the long weekend recap

My weekend went by way too fast. I can't even believe that it was a long weekend. It didn't seem like I had an extra day off of work. I am so tired too. I think I need to take a vacation soon!!

Friday I totally wasted away. I was supposed to be cleaning my house all day - but it was so hot out that I didn't get too much done. The heat made me really tired & lazy. So I got a little bit done - rearranged my living room furniture - and then on Friday night Cory & I went out to my mom's house & watched fireworks from her front lawn. Janelle came back to our house with us that night to sleep over because she was going to Big Day Out with us on Saturday.

Janelle & I stayed up until about 2:30 in the morning and then we had to wake up at about 8:30 for the concert. We got to SPAC at around noon. We were supposed to have special parking passes as I mentioned in my last entry - but it took us so long to get to the parking lot & we didn't know what to do about the passes anyway, so we just decided to park in the regular parking area. So we wasted $20 between the 2 passes be bought (one for my car & one for Cheryl's car) but we got decent parking spots anyway so it all worked out.

Big Day Out was fun, the bands were really good. I think SPAC is run by a bunch of Nazi's though! Seriously! I think Miss Eva agrees :) It was really ridiculous how much everything costs there. I think I spent about $3.50 for a really nasty dry pretzel for Janelle - another $3.50 for an ice cream - $5.00 for a bottle of water and $18 for a BIG DAY OUT III tank top. A regular sized bottle of coke cost $3.50!!!! Can you believe that?!

SPAC is a beautiful place - but it really needs new management or something. They charge insane prices for everything, they have an insane list of things you CAN'T bring in to the park, we had to show our tickets 2 times to SPAC security guys to get into the pavillion area where our seats were, and then about 10 feet away we had to show them AGAIN to these old ladies (yes- like 70 year old ladies- no lie!) - they would actually grab at people trying to check their tickets to make sure they were sitting in the correct place. I can't believe these old ladies sat there through all of these bands..I saw some of the same ladies "guarding" at the Godsmack concert too! Oh & another thing about SPAC that drove me nuts was that they said you could bring in an "empty clear plastic bottle" - so I did - the girl at the front gates almost didn't let me bring the top in (it was one of those rubbermaid bottles with the straw attached to the lid) but she agreed to let me keep it - so immediately when I get in there I look for a water fountain- I see one & imagine my surprise when I see about 15 people standing in line for the fountain all filling their bottles too! So I wait - finally about 10 minutes later it's my turn - and the water is actually WARM -and tasted horrible! ICK! I was pissed. So that's why I settled on buying a $5 bottle of water later on. So all of that crap in addition to the whole parking pass thing that we paid for & never used because the people at SPAC are totally not helpful, and dealing with horrible traffic in Saratoga - makes me not want to ever go back to SPAC. If there is a really really REALLY good band or someone gives me free tickets I might go again.......but it just doesn't seem worth it otherwise. It is really beautiful there though but I think I can live without it. Ok so I will stop with my ranting & whining!!

Despite all of those complaints I did have fun at BDO - the bands were great! It was amazing to see how many people were smooshed on the lawn, there were quite a few empty seats in the pavillion area though. One of the 103.1 DJs said there were 18,000 people there!

We got back to Schenectady at around 11:15 or 11:30 I think. We were so starving we stopped at Taco Bell & went home & watched MAD TV while we ate our tacos. I was so tired I was almost falling asleep while I was eating my gordita!! Heh!

Yesterday we took Janelle home & then went shopping for presents for Cheryl's birthday & Cory's parents wedding anniversary and my mom's birthday which are all this week! We only found one present so we will have to go out shopping again tonight probably. Last night we watched the movie Old School which was funny - but not the greatest movie ever.

And here I am, another Monday morning, sitting in my cubicle, bored, tired, you know- the usual! :) I have a meeting to go to in about 15 minutes. Bleck!

Thursday, July 03, 2003


I noticed from my tracking program that everyone & their mother found my blog by searching Google & Yahoo for info on the Big Day Out III concert at SPAC. I don't know exactly what people are trying to find out about the concert because they never leave any comments - so I will just again post what I know about BDO3.

What: Channel 103.1 (WHRL)'s Big Day Out III

Who: A bunch of kick-ass hella-good bands

Where: Saratoga Performing Arts Center

When: Saturday July 5, 2003 - Gates open @ 11:00 AM

Set times:
12:10-12:40 The Bruise Brothers
1:10-1:40 Lo-Pro
2:10-2:40 Three Days Grace
3:10-3:40 The Exies
4:10-4:40 Trapt
5:10-5:50 Eve 6
6:20-7:00 Hoobastank
7:30-8:15 Evanescence
8:45-10:00 Staind
*all set times are subject to change

How: Tickets are on sale now at all Ticketmaster locations and at the SPAC box office. Tickets are $15 for lawn and $25 for reserved. Price of ticket increases $2.00 on day of show. Tickets subject to convenience and handling fees.

Why: Don't ask why, dumbass! Just buy the tickets & go! :)

We bought parking passes so that we don't get stuck way out in the back of the parking lot. For those of you who haven't been to SPAC for a concert before - be prepared to wait a loooong time to get out of the parking lot at the end of the night. Everyone heards towards the one little exit all at once causing major traffic jams. You are better off just waiting around in your parking space - sit on the trunk of your car, watch other people & laugh as they get all pissed off that they are stuck in a mile long line of cars, wasting all of their gas. You might as well bring a little hibachi with you & cook some midnight snax while you wait! :) Heh!

I don't know if it was worth it buying the parking passes or not. They were $10 per car & it guarantees you a spot close to the gates. So I was hoping if we got one of those we would get out of the lot easier after the show but I am not so sure now. The whole things seems shady. Cory went to SPAC to pick them up at the box office because he bought them through Ticketmaster and the only way to have them shipped to your house is priority or overnight mail which is more expensive than the passes themselves - so he went with the free "will call" choice - which means you have to pick the passes up at SPAC. Well he got there & they told him that the passes won't be at SPAC until 2 hours before the concert!! WTF?!??!! So they are saying in order to get a good parking spot you pay $10 for this pass - but you have to show up at 10 AM to pick them up - so I assume we will have to go to the regular side of the parking lot & park (and at that time of the morning we will probably have a good parking spot anyway- so why bother paying for "better" parking??!) and then get out of the car - run up to the box office - get the parking pass - get back in the car & go over to the oh-so-cool-important-parking-area?!??!?! I don't get it. Maybe I am wrong about the whole thing - but they weren't very helpful when he asked them about all of this. So I guess we will see what happens. And if anyone is thinking of getting these parking passes - I would suggest you don't - the whole thing is just too shady....I don't trust these SPAC bastards! :) Hehehe. that's what I know for now about BDO III ------if anyone has questions or comments or whatever then just click the "comments" area after this entry and I will do my best to help you out....or whatever!

So - see ya'll at BDO on Saturday!

travel plans?

So, Cory & I have some vacation time to use from work. I want to use my vaca time during the summer because I just love summer! There are so many more outdoors type things to do. I really want to go to the beach while it's still warm enough to go swimming! I have been thinking since Cory & I don't have tons of extra cash to go on a good vacation maybe we could pick a week to take off from work either late in July or sometime in August and we can spend the first half of the week doing home improvement type stuff - like painting our living room & kitchen and cleaning out our nasty basement, stuff like that. Then after all of that hard work we can go on a little mini-vacation for 2 or 3 days possibly.

I haven't really discussed this with Cory yet, I just kind of brainstormed this yesterday and now I am all excited thinking of possible travel plans! I wonder what he will have to say about all of this? :)

I have to find somewhere that's cheap & not too far away because we would only have about 3 days & I don't want to waste those all driving in the car.

So far I have come up with a few ideas- Boston, Cape Cod, Maine (but I usually go there every summer -so that's kind of blah), Connecticut (beach AND casinos!!), Canada (Montreal) ..........other than that I can't think of much. I prefer to go somewhere that has a nice beach..... or at least some cool places to go shopping! Hmmm......... so many choices and so many places I have never been before!

Cory & I have never actually gone on a vacation together just me & him, so it would be nice to finally do that for once.

Well, gotta go, I have lots of travel research to do!!


Tuesday, July 01, 2003

it's a girl!!!!

My friends Chris & Lynette had a baby girl yesterday! Yay!!! Congratulations to you both! (I don't think they will ever read this blog, but oh well!)

I still don't know what the baby's name is and I am so anxious to find out. I am sure she is adorable and I can't wait to see her.

I have been looking at baby stuff online all morning thinking of all the clothes & toys I want to buy for her. Baby clothes are the cutest things ever. I am so jealous of anyone with a baby right now!! I can't wait to have my own babies someday.

I will post more details about the little sweetie girl when I know more. :)