Friday, August 29, 2003


I think the first time I ever heard reference to Krispy Kreme was on some TV show a few years ago. At first I thought it was a fictional place, made up just for that TV show, but after that I kept hearing about this wondrous donut shop over & over & over again, in movies, blogs, you name it! Once I realized it was, in fact, a REAL donut shop I grew envious of those who who had the great fortune to reside in close proximity to a glorious Krispy Kreme!!!

And now, ladies & gentleman, I am happy to announce that a Krispy Kreme is in the works for Latham, NY!!! (Which is about 15 minutes from where I live) YAY!! I am drooling! I can't wait to see if these donuts are as good as everyone says they are. Unfortunately the shop probably won't be built anytime too soon, but at least it's something to look forward to!

*Now that I re-read what I just typed I am a little bit scared of myself! I had no idea donuts excited me so much! Actually, I surprisingly don't eat donuts that often and when I do I only really like Coconut, Boston Creme or Vanilla Creme. Still, I am terribly excited at the thought of eating my very first Krispy Kreme. I hope I won't be dissapointed!*

Wednesday, August 27, 2003


I just realized how absolutely infatuated I am with fred flare!!! That store has the cutest stuff ever! And for the most part the prices are pretty cheap! So, anyone want to buy me a present?? ;)


Monday, August 25, 2003

back to the daily grind

Once again I find myself back in my boring ol' cubicle. It's really crappy to have a whole week off of work & then have to come back to the work routine. Bleck!

Speaking of work, I decided last night that I am just really unhappy with where I work and I am now looking for a new job! I have been working for the same company for almost 4 years now. About one year of that was working in a copy center, and then I was "upgraded" to data entry clerk and I have been doing that ever since. It is terribly boring, which isn't always so bad because I spend most of my day playing on the internet which is cool & I know I should be lucky but the pay rate isn't quite enough for me to keep up with all of my bills. I can't really expect much more than I make though, seeing that I do not have a college degree & I don't have a heavy workload here anymore. Pretty soon GE will not need our data entry service anymore because they are making the drafters & engineers do the work themselves so pretty soon things will change and I do not know what is going to happen because my boss doesn't keep us informed on any of this. I have a feeling either they will just lay me off or most likely they will assign me to work in another area, like the copy center again. I just don't want to go back to working in the copy center, I hated it, it was so boring & I don't think it looks very good on a resume. So, all of this made me decide that I would just go ahead & start applying for other jobs.

If I could chose any job right now it would be to work as a nanny. I love kids & I have always wanted to work with children in some way. I have never actually been a nanny and I haven't even babysat that much in my lifetime. I babysat for a few neighborhood kids when I was younger a handful of times, and one or two other times for another family, but I did pretty much raise my little sister. My parents split up when I was about 12, and Janelle was about 5 I think. When Janelle wasn't visiting my dad I took care of her after school and at night because my mom worked mostly nights. I am not really sure if someone would consider that "official" child care experience or not seeing that it was my own little sister, but bottom line is that I did take care of her & she turned out ok! :)

I found two listings in the help wanted section of yesterday's paper looking for a nanny, so I tried calling both of them today. I left a message on the answering machine with one & the other there was a voicemail system but no way to leave a message- the only option was for the owner to check their own messages, so I am hoping that doesn't mean their voicemail was full with so many calls, but I will try again later.

Being a nanny is just the perfect job in my mind. I love kids, and it would be so fun to spend my whole day just "hanging out" with a kid! I know that taking care of a child is a lot of responsibility, but I am a very responsible person, so that's not a problem for me. I would love to be able to take the kid to the library or to a playground or a park, it would just be so much fun. The only problem is the money. I know the pay varies depending on the family. I applied for a nanny job last year & the family was very nice, they were going to hire me but unfortunately I had to turn them down because they were only offering $7.50 per hour, and I just can't survive on that amount of money. So I am hoping one of these families will consider hiring me & offer good pay! I'm so nervous!! Yikes!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2003


Yes, I'm still here.........painting away my whole vacation!

I finally got a minute to update this page. I can't believe my vaca is half over :(

We decided to paint the kitchen peach with white trim. It's nice & bright...I like it :)
The living room is now white with white trim. The walls & the trim were supposed to be two different shades of white, but they look pretty much the same to me! Oh well, at least it's something different than the blah green color that it was before.

We are almost done painting & Cory will be putting the new trim up tomorrow! I can't wait until it's all done & we can put the furniture back & I can spend my last few days of vacation doing something fun!!

Well, more painting awaits me, so I must go. Hope everyone is having a good week! Not sure when I will get a chance to go online again...hopefully soon.


Friday, August 15, 2003

crazy power outage

As everyone probably already knows there was an insane power outage that hit most of the northeastern sections of the US & parts of Canada too!

I was sitting here at work, typing away when all of a sudden there were a few weird loud noises and the lights got dim, then bright, then dim again, then bright again.... and then finally EVERYTHING shut off. The place I work for is a contract company that is located at GE in Sche*nec*tady, so it was pretty funny to be sitting in the middle of "THE ELECTRIC CITY" (No lie, that's what Sche*nec*tady is referred to as) and have NO electricity! The back up generators weren't even working as far as I know. At first we thought it was just the GE plant that was without power & then learned there was a blackout in many surrounding cities & towns. I left work a bit early because there was nothing I could do without my computer. All of the traffic lights were out but I didn't have any major problems getting home. I expected to walk in the door of my house & find no electricity there either but we did have power! :) Lucky us! I didn't find out until after I got home that all up & down the eastern seaboard the power had gone out too. Cory & I watched the news & we were in awe of the millions of people trying to get out of Manhattan. The only way out of NYC was either by car or foot because the trains & subways were not working. I read on a yahoo news story that for some reason hotels in NYC wouldn't let inhabitants into their rooms because of the power outage (not sure why, must be a law of some sort) so they had to sleep on sidewalks! It's a little bit sad, and scary to think how much we rely on electricity, but I am damn happy we have it! Life without electricty is crappy.
Beep! Beep!

YAY! She did it!!! Janelle passed her road test!!

Congratulations Gazelly!!!! :)


Thursday, August 14, 2003

road test

In about 5 minutes my little baby sister Janelle will be taking her road test so she can get her driver's license! How exciting!!!

Sometimes it's scary to see her driving because it seems like only yesterday she was 6 years old & I was walking her home from school....but now she is 16 and will be driving around all by herself!! Yikes!

She is using my CR-V for the test so let's hope she doesn't do anything crazy like plow into a parking meter or something like that. :)

*I am keeping my fingers crossed chickie!!*

Wednesday, August 13, 2003


This has been kind of a blah, but busy week so far. There are three people in my data entry team (including myself) and of course two of them pick the same week to go on vacation! Which means tons of crappy work for me :( Actually, it hasn't been too bad ...not as much work as I expected but enough to keep me busy and some other coworkers have helped me out here & there when I have been really busy. So I guess that's all working out ok.

Cory & I are each taking all next week off from work! YAY!! We decided to use our vacation time to get some things done around our house, mainly cleaning and painting. We are planning on painting the living room and the kitchen and we are going to try to replace most of the trim in both of those rooms too.
We have painted our living room about 3 or 4 times already & we have stuck with one color for over a year now, but I'm bored with it. A paint roller hasn't touched the kitchen since we bought the house and since the day we first saw it I wanted to repaint it and now I will get my chance!

I love painting, well not so much painting itself, but the idea of it. I get so excited when I flip through all the paint swatch books that I have nabbed from a variety of stores. I really love bright bold colors, but unfortunately the colors I like usually just wouldn't work in our house or they don't match our furniture (not that any of our furniture really matches anyway!) so I am trying to talk myself into boring colors but it's just so hard. The first color Cory & I painted our living room was red! It was kind of bright-ish red in the daytime but at night it looked like a really cool dark red. I really loved that color but it looked horrible with my green overstuffed chair & we didn't do a great job painting (didn't use primer first...major painting mistake!!) so the color was kinda patchy & steaky & that bothered me so we tried a few other ideas & finally settled for a light green color, which is what we now have on our walls & I am very bored with it. The kitchen is a beige gross color that just looks very old, it probably hasn't been repainted in at least 10 years. The kitchen doesn't get very much sunlight so I want to go with something bright, maybe yellow. I really have to decide on some definite colors tonight!!!

*Oh...I don't know how..but I almost forgot the only exciting thing that has happened this week so far....I am now a full member at my most favorite website...
Nervousness!!! YAY!!! I'm so excited! It's confusing to explain, but basically you have to be nominated by another member and then someone else has to second the nomination in order to become a full member. I haven't done too many exchanges on the site yet, but I did send someone two copied CDs and I got involved in a project to make a CD with the theme "people, places & things." I can't wait to get involved more in the site now that I am a full member! I suppose that was probably confusing to anyone who doesn't know what the site is all about sorry for rambling...but I'm happy! Yay for me!*

Monday, August 11, 2003

adventures in sarah's kitchen

Most people don't believe me when I say I screw up almost everything I cook....but sadly, it's the truth! This weekend I created some more baking disasters as proof!

I didn't start cooking until about 10:00 on Friday night. My cupcakes looked like them might actually be good - the batter even tasted really good - but when they finished cooking I realized I must not have filled the cups high enough because they barely met the top edge of the paper cup thingies. So I thought, well maybe with a bunch of frosting on top you won't notice how small the cupcakes came out. That might have actually worked if I had been able to make the frosting! I had the recipe for the cupcakes & the frosting printed on one piece of paper & I was looking at the wrong recipe when I added the sugar to the frosting. I accidentally put in 4 cups of REGULAR sugar, rather than the 4 cups of CONFECTIONER'S sugar that I was supposed to add!!!! So the frosting felt more like gritty bath scrub or something. I would gladly have made more but I had already used up all of the unsalted butter. I tried making a small batch with regular butter but it just didn't work. So by this time it was going on 1:00 AM and I was too tired. I decided to just give up & go to sleep.

I was supposed to get up at 7:00 AM on Saturday, but I actually didn't get out of bed until 8:00 AM (bad Sarah!!) so while Cory was taking a shower I decided to go downstairs & try to make the raspberry squares as quickly as I could. Well those might have actually come out alright but the recipe was just bad. I had never made them before so I didn't realize this recipe was for a different type of raspberry square than the ones I have eaten before. The bottom "crust" part & the raspberry jam layers came out just fine but this recipe had a strange layer for the top - it was mostly egg which turned crispy on the very top & then it was still gooey & uncooked (looked mostly like raw egg! YUCK!) directly underneath. So I think if I had made the top layer the same as I had made the bottom layer then they would have come out great. I didn't have time to redo it all though because we had to head out to my "fam jam." I think I am going to try to make the raspberry squares again, but with a different recipe, sometime later this week.

I didn't want to show up at my aunt & uncle's house empty handed so I stopped by an italian bakery on the way & bought two dozen cannolis! YUM! They were good but expensive. I should have saved myself some time & money & just bought the cannolis in the first place!! Ah well, you live & you learn I guess.

So the fam party thing was pretty good. I saw almost all of my relatives on my dad's side of the family with the exception of two of my cousins. My cousin Kristen is due in December - she looked so cute with a little pregnant belly! My aunt & uncle have a brand new puppy & she is sooooo adorable...she looks a lot like Delilah when she was a baby. Speaking of Delilah she was ridiculous! Usually she loves people but she was so shy around anyone who tried to pet her, especially any guys who went near her! She kept hiding behind Cory & me. I guess she isn't really used to being around so many people at once so that probably freaked her out a bit. I guess we need to socialize her more, especially with men!

We spent most of the day just sitting around outside talking, mostly to Janelle & Cara! We stayed at the "fam jam" until about 7:00 PM. We would have stayed longer but there were way too many bugs swarming around & biting us even though we sprayed bug spray on ourselves a bunch of times and it kept raining off & on so it was really humid & muggy. We went to bed at 9:30 because we were so exhausted from the heat and we didn't get up until 9:30 on Sunday morning! Ha! We are such lazy bums! You would think I would have been all wide awake & alert with all of that sleep but after I woke up I went to go brush my teeth & accidentally squirted my hair gel on my toothbrush instead of the toothpaste!!! I didn't even realize it until I put the bottle of gel down! Good thing I realized it before I put the brush in my mouth though! :)

Friday, August 08, 2003

fam jam

Yup, I have family cookout/party thing to go to tomorrow at my aunt & uncle's house. Cory decided to call the event "fam jam." Isn't he just hilarious??

This is my dad's side of the family. I don't see them very often, in fact I haven't seen most of them in years with the exception of my cousin's wedding in Rhode Island this past June. I am not a big huge fan of big bbq/family reunion type things...but I guess it will be fun to see all my family that I normally don't get a chance to visit with. My Aunt Sally is visiting from California with her kids, which is the main reason they are having this whole party thing because she only gets out here to visit once a year.

I have to make something for dessert to bring. I think I am going to try to make raspberry squares & cupcakes. I figured I would be better off making 2 things to bring in case one comes out horrible seeing that I'm not the greatest cook in the world! Cory & I bought a cheap-o digital camera last weekend so I will definitely take some pics of my baking attempts! I am sure the raspberry squares will look like charcoal & the cupcakes will come out more like pancakes knowing my baking track record! Heh!

So tonight is going to be busy. I have to take Delilah to Petsmart to have her nails trimmed, then bring her back home, and then run to the grocery store to buy all of the ingredients for the dessert I have to make. Then I have to go home & start baking! I probably should do some laundry tonight too! Phew! All of that and I have to wake up early tomorrow morning!

I think I will try to get up at around 7 o'clock....then Cory, Delilah & I have to be out at my mom's at around 10 AM to pick up Janelle for "FAM JAM" ...then we will swing by her friend Cara's house to pick her up too...and then by around 11 we should arrive at the wonderful "FAM JAM." Hehehehhee...this ought to be interesting. I hear my uncle David is bringing his karaoke machine! Yikes!! (I am hoping it's just a false rumor!!)

Well........I must go...lots of work to finish today before I go home!

Thursday, August 07, 2003


I just can't get enough of cute stuff!

Phoophie cute name! cute stationery & stuff!

Sanrio cute central!!! *squeel*

Totshop baby clothes...what could be cuter??? makes me really want a baby! now! :)

That's unfortunately all for now! I just realized it's 4:30 and I am leaving work early time to go!


Wednesday, August 06, 2003

blah wednesday

Just another boring day. I have nothing much to write about, but I'm sure I will think of something. I usually don't really plan ahead what I'm going to write on my blog. Usually I just start typing & my thoughts just spurt out! Sometimes I do have a topic I know I am going to write about but no specifics. Today I am totally clueless whatever you are reading is pure unadulterated spur of the moment thoughts dribbling from my brain! I am curious other people plan ahead what they are going to write on their page? Or do they just do the think & type thing like I'm doing?? Am I weird? Or no? Well, I know I'm weird...but that's besides the point. :)

I had a boring meeting/class thing today that lasted from 8:30 AM until around 2:45 PM (with an hour for lunch) was soooo boring. Supposed to be teaching us about Customer Satisfaction & crap like that!

Oh..and another thing.......I was just re-reading my ranting & raving post from the other day where I vented about all of the freaks at the Adema concert and I want to make it clear that I am not anti-goth......I am not anti-wearing all black clothes. The whole Goth thing is pretty cool if you aren't TRYING so hard. If you just feel that's you, then that's cool and I think that lots of people look awesome in all black clothes but i just hate the idea of people dressing that way because they think it makes them unique or something.... because it's not so unique because there are so many other people who dress that way. And I realize that all Goth people don't dress in all black! Anyway, that's it...I am finally calling an end to this psycho babble of mine! Hehehe. Just thought I had to get a bit more of it off my chest and I wanted to clear that all up before I offended someone or something.

Alrighty......well.........enough said for today. My brain isn't spitting out any interesting thoughts at the moment.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

floating down broadway

I left work at around 5 o'clock last night and drove out into the rivers (urrm...I mean STREETS) of Schenectady. We had major rain for about an hour, starting a little bit after 4 o'clock, so by the time I got to leave work a lot of the streets were flooded. I tried to go my usual route home but I was forced to turn around (along with about 20 other cars) because that road was totally flooded where it dips down underneath a railroad bridge. There was actually a little pick up truck stuck there because they must have attempted to drive through. So when I turned my car around I realized I couldn't go down another street that I could take because that also was flooded & blocked off by a firetruck. There was only one other way to go & that also was under about a foot or more of water so I had no choice but to drive through that, otherwise I would have been trapped! There were quite a few cars broken down from attempting to drive through water that was too deep for their cars. Luckily I made it home with no problems but a few times I had to drive through very deep water. Yikes!
I saw a parking lot that looked like an actual lake - it must have had at least 2 or 3 feet of water in parts....and there were cars still parked in it too!!

On my way into work this morning the roads were dry again but everything was covered in dirt & street crud......yuck. I think I should just bring a boat to work with me because the weather forecast for this week is scattered showers off & on EVERYDAY this week!!! I just hope I won't have to do any more rush hour river rafting again!!


Monday, August 04, 2003


When does someone officially become "old" ??? I wouldn't have thought old age started at 22, but last night I went to yet another concert ...and well...I just feel damn old!! We saw Spineshank (they were pretty good), Powerman 5000 (didn't like them so much...they kinda bored me...but I guess they were ok) and Adema (they were good considering I only know like 3 or their songs & they still kept me interested for the most part) at Northern Lights.

I guess I just wasn't in the concert-going mood yesterday so maybe that contributed to me feeling old last night. It seemed like everything about the concert was just annoying me, mainly the people. From the annoying kids who wear all black clothes & spike their dyed-jet black hair and have some sort of facial piercing because they think they are being so "unique" when really they look just like the other 85 kids there with black clothes, black hair, and piercings.... to the women who are old enough to be my mom wearing short hoochie shorts and they are all alone...totally plastered..head banging & trying to flirt with kids half their age (I always wonder - do these women have children? if they do where are their children right now? Is this drunk lady actually going to drive herself home? what possessed her to come to a concert like this??) .......... to the 16 year old couple who smooshed in front of us up near the stage as we waited for Adema to come on & they proceed to make out 2 inches from our faces...they were so close that while the kid had his hands on his girl's waist his arm was resting against Cory. Ewww!! And to make matters worse they both smelled sooo bad! He was sweaty & disgusting (probably from being in mosh pits earlier) and she just had a funky musty odor to her. ICK ICK ICK! Yes...we could have moved...but then we would have lost our spots close to the after about 15 minutes of straight kissing the little smelly freaks finally stopped.

So now that I sound like my grandma crabbing about everything I should explain myself a bit more:

To the black clothes wearing-pierced-goth wannabes: I don't think there is anything wrong with being unique. In fact, I have much respect for people who are unique and aren't just like everyone else.........but when you purposely TRY to be different than everyone else then you AREN'T unique - you are just faking it. If you are unique, you just are, there is no effort required. And thinking you are so unlike all of the people wearing Gap jeans & Abercrombie shirts you are wrong......... because you are just like just shop in Hot Topic instead! You are wearing the same mass produced black mesh shirt and buying the same Manic Panic hair dye that every other little goth wannabe out there is. So if you want to be unique then my advice is "Don't try so hard. (in fact, don't try AT ALL!) If you are unique you just are. If you aren't, you aren't."

To the rockin' mamas: If you are at a concert where you are old enough to be everyone's mother & you actually enjoy the music then that's cool. (A little bit amusing, but still cool). But if you are there all alone & dressed like white trash & dancing like a stripper & flirting with boys who are probably friends with your son, and you drink like a fish & are most likely driving yourself home - that's not cool. 'Nuff said.

To the smelly kissers: Oh man, what else is there to say about this?? Umm........EWWW!! BARF!! GAG!! Take a shower and wear deodorant especially if you are going to a concert where you will be crammed in with 500 other people. And if you feel the need to make out then go do it in a corner at the very least. If you are going for a full make out session - SURPRISE- NO ONE want to see it!!! Much less be crammed up against you while you are doing it...especially when you smell really bad & you are covered in sweat! nasty.

So yeah...I sound like the most crabby crotchety old lady ever....but that's just how I felt last night. I will probably re-read this later on & regret posting it because it makes me sound like everything in the world pisses me off & I am a snob....but I just had to rant. I'm sure as hell not perfect by any means but I would like to think that I don't do anything bad enough that would make total strangers disgusted with me. Ok...the ranting is over!! I'm done now! Seriously!

So....besides the concert I didn't do too much this weekend. It was just too humid this weekend to get much done. Janelle & my mom came up to my house on Saturday so Janelle could practice parallel parking with my car. She did good! No near death experiences! Yay! :)

I have been bad about updating my blog lately. I really should put more of an effort into updating. And I will try to write about some happy stuff!! Not all pessimism & hate! I promise :)