Tuesday, September 30, 2003

photos! EEEEK!!!

Yes, after all of these months of remaining a faceless blogger, I am finally going to post my pictures for everyone to see.
So here ya go....soom crappy quality pics of me to satisfy your curiousity! :)


A blurry pic of me when I had longer blonde hair

Another pic from a few years ago


Redhead pic #1

Redhead pic #2

My hair looks a bit brighter in these photos than it actually is. It's more of a deep burgundy color, but our digital camera isn't very high quality, so it doesn't capture colors very well. Wow.. I did it. I posted my pictures!! Not as scary as I originally thought it might be! I just wish I had better pictures to post, but I'm not so photogenic so this was the best I could do for now.

Monday, September 29, 2003


I did it! My hair is now red. Actually it came out almost purple-ish after I dyed it on Saturday. My mom & Janelle & Cory all told me that it looked good & it didn't look purple but I think they were just being nice because they love me! :)

The purple hue is fading though & it looks dark red now. I think I like it. I was told it better suits my face rather than the blonde it was before. I still feel awkward though....like "hey this isn't my hair!" So now if someone asks what color hair I have I am going to have to say "RED" which is very strange to me, I will probably say blonde out of habit! Everytime I look in the mirror I am shocked to see a different me looking back at myself.

I will post pictures soon (as I promised Peppermint Tina!). Yesterday I tried for over an hour to take pictures with my digital camera but they just wouldn't come out. It was a rainy gray day...so the lighting in the house wasn't good & I never realized how hard it is to take pictures of yourself! So tonight I will have Cory take some pictures of me outside if it's sunny & hopefully my hair color will come out accurately.

I am a little apprehensive about putting my photos up! I not very photogenic...I always hate pictures of myself. But oh well, I suppose I should let my few faithful readers know what I look like once & for all! I wonder what people think I look like. It's always funny when you read someone's blog & you get a mental picture of them & they end up looking totally different than you expected. So, anyway...I will see what I can do about getting some pics posted tonight or tomorrow!


Wednesday, September 24, 2003


My hair is weird. It's naturally blonde...but I'm not exactly what shade of blonde. When I was young it was really pale almost white blonde..and as I got older it got darker. I have dyed it light blonde a few times and then I went a few years without dying it at all. When it wasn't dyed it was just sort of streaky blonde...dark-ish blonde underneath & the top layers of my hair seem to have natural light blonde streaky highlights. Well lately I have had really dark blonde, almost light brown, roots coming in and it looks horrendous...total white trash hair! So....I decided to buy red hair dye for my hair last night. Yikes!

I tried a light reddish-blonde dye once before but it didn't really change my hair color at all, so I am not sure what will happen with this dark auburn color that I picked. I am scared. I don't want it to look really red....I was hoping it wouldn't come out so dark & would end up being a really pale red, strawberry blonde maybe. I don't know if I will have the guts to dye it tonight or not. I really should wait until the weekend so that in case it comes out horrid I will have time to go to a hair salon & have it fixed. I really want to avoid going to a salon though because I can't afford it right now, that's why I bought this cheap-o do it yourself dye in the first place!

So...I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I don't turn out like Bozo the Clown or something. Eeeep. I'm so scared.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003

another rainy day

Ick. Rainy days make me so sleepy. Looks like it's going to rain here all day & on my way into work this morning a lot of the roads were already starting to disappear underneath deep puddles. I can't imagine what it will look like when it's time for me to go home....I may need a boat!

I have been so bad about updating my blog lately. I wish I would be dedicated enough to update everyday but some days I just can't think of anything to write or I just don't have time. I never usually post here on the weekends because I don't go online much at home. Normally when I blog it's from work.

I think the solution is I just have to go out & do more exciting things so I will have more to write about!

This past weekend wasn't very exciting. We were lazy & spent most of Saturday watching movies. We did go out for a while to go car shopping for Cory. He has a Chevy truck right now & it's just not great on gas and the insurance is pretty high on it so he decided he would rather have a car. Most of the car dealerships were closing since it was late on Saturday afternoon so we just browsed around at a few places. Then we went to the Salvation Army & I bought some old records because I am thinking of putting them in frames and hanging them in my living room. I got the idea from Heather at Nervousness (thanks Heather!!)

On Sunday we went to Bob's so I could buy some shoes. I desperately needed some shoes so I bought these. They are sort of ugly shoes when they aren't on my feet, but when I am wearing them with pants I like them because all you can see is the toe sticking out. I like the color & they are pretty comfortable so far but I am a bit paranoid that they look like cowboy boots minus the pointy toe...but oh well...at least I finally have some decent shoes. Now I just need to get a new pair of sneakers & I will be all set!

After shoe shopping we went to Goodwill & I found more records! Woohoo! I have 14 total records now. Some of them are very strange. I want to listen to some of them. We do have two record players in our basement but I am not sure if they work & we don't have speakers for them. *sigh*

So..there ya have it. That was my big exciting weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2003

pillow talk

I tried to post a billion times yesterday but everytime I logged in to Blogger the page was all messed up so I couldn't post anything. Grrrrr. Anyway...it's fixed now... so I'm happy!

I was browsing around online yesterday & I can across Sofa Garden. It's umm...interesting. Ever rested your head on asparagus? a nude man? buttered toast? And my personal favorite - pancakes!!!

All I can say is.....WEIRD!

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


I took Lisanne's quiz. It's so cute! :)

You Are a Rubber Ducky
Which Bath and Body Item Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Monday, September 15, 2003

happy birthday to......me!

That's right...you are now reading the blog of a 23 year old! Woohoo! Actually.....I feel kinda old ...how silly of me. Today hasn't been the most wonderful...but it's definitely better than last years birthday. Today I woke up late .... got to work late.... when I got to work found out that my coworker is out sick so I have to do her work too (and it's really annoying work that is always due TODAY. BLECK!) ....then Cory called me from his cell phone to say that he probably won't be home until really late tonight ...if at all. He might be stuck in Binghamton until tomorrow because they are having some technical problems (the guys he is working with got their van stuck on the side of a hill in the mud & then hit a fence...now they need a tow truck...so they don't know how soon they will be able to get their work done) POO!!!!! But...it's possible that Cory might get home at some decent hour tonight so I will get to see him on my B-DAY. (I HOPE!)

My weekend was pretty good though.....Janelle & I watched my dad's hockey game on Friday...that was fun....and then we got Chinese food. Saturday Cheryl & Janelle & I were supposed to go to LarkFest. We got ready...all jumped in my car & drove down there......and we drove around & around & around Albany looking for a place to park but couldn't find anywhere close by & we didn't want to have to walk too far because it looked like it might rain. So we just decided it wasn't worth it....so we gave up & went to Ruby Tuesday's in the mall for lunch!

Even though we didn't get to go to LarkFest we had fun driving there! We saw all kinds of ...um....interesting stuff! We were driving down Washington Ave when I noticed what appeared to be about 6 or 7 naked young guys with cardboard signs wrapping around their waists covering their ...umm..nether regions! So we all screeched & giggled of course. We got closer & realized the signs were for a car wash they were holding...and sadly they were wearing shorts! Not naked afterall! Hehee. As we stopped for a red light they ran around my car begging us to pull over into their car wash. Too funny! We didn't pull over though....Sorry Boys!

We also saw more interesting stuff....a guy dancing down the street...looked like that guy in that Cake video for the song "Short Skirt & a Long Jacket" or whatever it is. Janelle noticed a guy with a huge goiter on his neck that she insisted was the size of a baby's head! (EWWW!) We also walked around Crossgates for a while after lunch and then went to a craft store & walked around Target! Yahoo! I love Target. Cheryl went home after that and Janelle & I went to Rotterdam mall because we were bored....she needed some shirts anyway....then we rented movies. We watched Sweet Home Alabama - the Reese Witherspoon movie. I expected that to be really cute & funny......and I like Reese...so I had high hopes for the movie....boy was I WRONG! That was the most boring predictable movie ever!! There were some cute parts & maybe one or two funny moments but it was just boring. I almost didn't feel like watching the end...I wanted to shut it off & go to bed...but I managed to stay awake to see the ever-so-predictable ending! Blah!!!!! I give it 2 thumbs down!

Yesterday my mom came over to my house & she gave me a present ---- BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER - SEASON 3 DVD!! WOOHOOO!!!! :) I won't watch it until Cory gets home though. She also brought me a Carvel ice cream cake. They are so good. A while later Janelle & my mom left & I had nothing to do so I went to Target again & actually didn't buy anything..but I was in there for almost an hour.

So...all in all my birthday weekend wasn't so bad!

I didn't get around to changing my blog layout...but hopefully I will get a chance to do that sometime soon.

Friday, September 12, 2003

2 posts in one day? amazing!

Yup, it's me again!

All day I have been reading the Friday Five on peoples blogs. The last question "Is the analysis of your name at kabalarians.com accurate? How or how isn't it?" caught my eye. I checked out the site & typed in my name & this was the result:

"Your name of Sarah makes you easy-going and refined, but detracts from your physical vitality. You desire all the finer things in life--lovely clothes, home, furniture, and environment. However, procrastination is your worst enemy, and you find yourself lacking the ambition to make your dreams a reality. People are inclined to take advantage of your sympathetic, tractable nature. You naturally attract people with problems who seek your understanding and advice. You can give good advice although it is unlikely that you would follow it yourself. You would be most successful in situations where you can use your skills in diplomacy in handling people, but where you are not under pressure or required to carry responsibility and make decisions. It is difficult for you to be individual and make your own decisions, for you lack self-confidence."

Freaky! That's pretty much me in a nutshell..... especially the part about it being difficult for me to make decisions & lacking self-confidence. Everyone who knows me can back me up on this!

So...Cory is still out of town so Janelle is coming over to spend the night to keep me company! Yay! Tonight we are going to watch our dad & our uncles play hockey at a rink in Glenville. Tomorrow Cheryl, Janelle and I might be going to LarkFest in Albany. I heard that it might rain tomorrow though...I really hope it doesn't. I have been wanting to go to LarkFest for the past 2 or 3 years now and this will finally be my chance to go, I don't want to have to wait another year just because of the stupid rain!

I think I might change my blog layout this weekend too if I find some time to go online at home. So if the next time you see this blog it looks radically different - don't panic! :)
bye bye mr. healey

So sad....John Ritter died yesterday at the age of 54 according to this Yahoo news story.

I will remember him mostly as Ben Healey in the Problem Child movies. Janelle & I used to watch those all of the time! Also I will remember him as Ben's dad on Felicity....and as Buffy's mom's pyscho robot boyfriend on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which I most recently saw him in on the Season 2 DVD. I was reading about him on IMDB (one of my most favorite websites) and interestingly & sadly enough, John had a daughter named Stella, with wife Amy Yasbeck, who was born on September 11th, 1998. He died on his daughter's 5th birthday....how sad is that? :( Poor little girl.

Anwyay...moving right along to something more positive.....

Happy Birthday to Lisanne!

She is Virgo just like me!

Thursday, September 11, 2003


I have been contemplating all morning....should I mention "September 11th" on my blog? Or should I act like it's just another day. I guess it really is just another day.......but I can't help but remember how I felt on this day exactly two years ago. Shocked...confused....sad.....frustrated. I remember kind of feeling useless...I felt I should be trying to help the situation in NYC somehow...but I didn't. My friend Nicki & I tried to donate blood a few days after the 11th...but the line was too long (we went during work hours - so we couldn't spare much time) so we had to leave...and after that I can't say I honestly made any effort to help anyone out. I still feel bad about that.

Two years ago, when I first heard word of a plane crashing into one of the World Trade Center towers I was sitting in the exact same chair I am right now....looking at this same monitor. I was at work at the time. I remember someone yelling out something about "oh no...a plane crashed into one of the WTC towers. It's on fire!" The few people who had little televisions in their cubicles turned them on & someone propped one up on top of the cubicle walls so everyone could see it.
We all were standing around kind of shocked & confused as we watched more...watched another plane slam into another tower...more fire. I think all of my coworkers were in disbelief....I know I definitely was. I tried going online to find out more information but the internet was flooded with people....it was almost impossible to get to a website - even Yahoo! There were rumours flying everywhere - about possible bombs in Albany (which turned out to be totally false - but all of the state offices in the Albany area were shut down) and planes crashing all over the place. The only ones that turned out to be true of course besides the ones that hit the WTC were the ones those that crashed into the Pentagon & in Pennsylvania. I remember people saying "they just said one hit the White House! Oh no! And one hit Camp David!" I don't know where they were getting their news from, but as we all know they were wrong thankfully.

I was also a little bit panicky because Cory happened to be just a little bit north of NYC...in the town of Stony Point, NY. He had gone down there early that morning because his great grandmother, who lived in Stony Point, had died the evening before. I didn't know how close he was to the city, but I knew he was close. Something told me he was fine though, I was pretty sure he wasn't in any immediate danger but it was still very scary because I had no way of contacting him. The phones were not working down there so all I could do was sit there & watch the news after work...all night...until he finally came walking in the door. Let me tell you, I have never felt so relieved in my life to see someone! He told me they could see smoke from his great grandmother's house - which I believe is almost an hour north of NYC! It was horrible sitting around all alone just waiting...and watching the depressing news....I was so glad he was home & safe & I didn't have to be alone anymore. The next day we were back at work as normal....well...as normal as it could be.

Now here I am, on September 11th....two years later...and Cory is gone again! Yup, that's right...he left last night. He had to go to Binghamton for work. He will probably be gone for almost a week. So......once again I am sad and worrying about him on September 11th! Poor me! (Is it bad to feel sorry for yourself on September 11th?? I think it probably is!)

Tuesday, September 09, 2003


I uploaded the few pics I took at Thacher Park on Saturday but they didn't come out so great. So, I only have one to post & it's not so great, it's a little bit dark but it's the best I could do with the $40 digital camera! So anyway, here it is...

View from Thacher Park

Oh & here is another pic (again..not the greatest quality) of my baby dog...


Isn't she the cutest?! Cory gets annoyed that I call her a "baby" because she is actually about 2 years old, but she still is a baby to me! Here is a pic of her when she really WAS a baby...

Baby Delilah


Monday, September 08, 2003

almost done

We didn't quite finish the painting this weekend...but we are close. Just a few spots to touch up in the living room & I have to put a second coat in the kitchen. We didn't get anything done in the kitchen this weekend - just concentrated on the living room yesterday, which now is completely white...which is so mega-boring...but hopefully I will think of some ways to make it more exciting.

On Saturday it was such nice weather that we decided to take Delilah to Thacher Park for something to do. We were hungry on the way there - so we got Chinese food and brought it with us. We ate at a picnic table at the park while Delilah sat & stared at us..hoping we would drop some food. We didn't stay very long though because Delilah didn't seem all that interested in walking around. I took a few pictures with our cheap-o digital camera. I am not sure how they came out though, I haven't uploaded them to the computer yet but I will try to do that tonight & maybe post them on here tomorrow if they come out ok.

Friday, September 05, 2003

stupid blogger

Ok...now I'm mad...I just typed a post & tried to publish it & of course Blogger screws up - it asks me for my name & password..(WHAT THE HELL??)...so I enter it...and it goes back to the main screen!!! My post of course was long gone.....luckily it wasn't very long. I am really sick of things on the internet being so unreliable....seems like everything is always down...experiencing technical difficulty....what have you. URGH!

Anyway...my post was just basically saying that this weekend I am planning on finally finishing the painting in my house. We have a little bit more to finish in the kitchen & living room and we have been putting it off so I really want to complete the project this weekend. Hopefully it will only take us one day because I want to do something fun outdoors this weekend since we are supposed to have nice weather. Maybe we will take Miss Delilah for a long walk somewhere.

We finished watching season 2 of Buffy last night. I was wrong in yesterday's post - I thought we were at the end of season 3 the other day when we were actually already at the end of season 4!! So we watched the remaining 7 episodes...and now I am going to suffer through Buffy withdrawl until we buy season 3! Maybe someone will buy it for me for my birthday! *wink*wink* :)

Thursday, September 04, 2003

too much buffy?

Cory & I watched Buffy on DVD EVERYDAY this week!! We are freaks! We already at the end of the 3rd DVD in Season 2! I think I am becoming a total loon...the other day at work a man got on the elevator at the same time as me and as we were standing there in silence I wondered - What if he was a vampire? And turned around & started to attack me? What would I do? Could I pull some Buffy-like moves & kick him in the head & stake him with a sharp piece of wood? Or would he overpower me & turn me into one of THEM? YIKES! Someone check me into the loony bin - PRONTO! :) No, really I think I will be fine...I guess I just have an over active imagination. Last night we watched a Buffy episode that involved creepy crawly bug/scorpion looking things so of course I had a nightmare last night that there were icky nasty bugs crawling around in my hair & I couldn't get rid of them. Bleck!

Another thing that isn't helping my little Buffy freak-outs is my doggy, Delilah! Last night we were sitting in the living room watching TV with no lights on when Delilah started to get all upset - she looked at the window & started quietly growling (she almost NEVER growls or barks at anything...I could probably count the times on my hand that she has actually growled at something) and then she barked a little too! She just kept staring out the window into the pitch black! It was sooo creepy. Then she ran behind the chair I was sitting in but kept peeking around staring at the window. I think what happened is that she saw her reflection or mine in the window and it scared the crap out of her! Poor baby dog :( I have read that dogs & cats can't see their own reflection but I think that has to be wrong because that HAD to be what Delilah saw last night (unless she saw a Vampire peeking in the window!! HA!) and recently I have noticed one of my cats, Willow, staring at her beautiful-self in the mirror a lot!

Well, finally it's almost 5:00 PM - time for me to go home & watch some more Buffy!

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

little miss eva

I have been reading Rachael's blog for a few months now (probably since sometime last spring) and I have faithfully been reading it (almost) everyday! I am not sure how I stumbled upon it, but when I realized that she was a girl, around my age, who was having a baby I just knew it would be a great blog to read...I knew it was going to be interesting to follow someone's pregnancy and I was right! Her blog is lots of fun to read and I am happy to announce that Little Miss Eva finally arrived on August 27th! Yay! Congratulations to Rach & Adam! I hope Rachael keeps blogging because it will be so cool to read about a little girl growing up that I have been reading about since she was just a little peanut in her mom's belly! :)

(If you read this Rachael, I hope you don't mind me writing about all of this! I know you don't know me very well, but since I have been reading your blog for so many months I feel like I know you pretty well! I think blogs are kinda like TV shows, if you watch a TV show enough you kind of identify with the characters & feel like you really know them - same with blogs!)

lazy buffy addict

So you would think that since I had a 3 day weekend I would have accomplished SOMETHING......wrong!!!
Cory & I spent Friday night, Saturday, Sunday AND Monday doing for the most part - NOTHING! We sat around & watched TV & movies. We did visit his parents for half the day on Sunday, and we went out to a couple of stores but that's the extent of it. I have never been a fan of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, but last year I bought Cory Season 1 of Buffy on DVD for his birthday, so this weekend I finally sat down & watched all of Season 1 with him. That's 12 episodes - so that took up quite a bit of time. I have to admit, I am addicted to Buffy now!! I don't care for Sarah Michelle Gellar so much, but other than that I like everyone else on the show. I kind of have a close connection to Buffy too, so it's surprising I wasn't ever really into watching the show before. A friend of my dad's is Joss Whedon's (the creator of B.T.V.S.) brother! My dad & my sister Janelle have both met Joss before. How cool is that?! :)

Anyway, that was my big exciting weekend! Oh yeah- yesterday Cory & I decided we needed to see more Buffy - so we went out & bought the 2nd Season on DVD! Which was really horrible of us to do considering we are dirt poor right now! Shame on us! Oh well, at least we now have 22 Buffy episodes to watch! I think we already watched about 5 of them yesterday though! Oh, and a just had to say how annoyed I am that at BJ's Wholesale Club where we bought the DVD - Season 2 was $39.99 (I think) but Season 3 and Season 4 were both only $38.99!!! What is up with that?? They all have the same number of episodes too! So why would the newer ones be cheaper than the old one? That's just crazy.