Friday, February 27, 2004

Random thoughts for today:

~ I wonder if mousse were frozen and put on a stick would it be called a moussical?

~ My sneakers are dirty. I really should wash them.

~ I wonder how many days/weeks it will be until it's warm enough to drive around with my car windows down?

~ Should I have microwave popcorn for lunch or just skip lunch? (I think I have decided to skip it at this point)

~ What should I write about in my blog today? (Obviously I decided on this nonsense!)

~ Alice in Wonderland is a great story.

~ Maybe I should reconsider that skipping lunch thing because I'm getting increasingly hungry and this bottle of Coke isn't satisfying me.

~ When the weather is warmer I'm definitely going to make myself take my dog for a walk more often. I will try EVERYDAY, but somehow I doubt I will stick to that.

~ The Total Gym in my basement is calling me. I don't want my pants to be tight on me anymore.

~ I would like some cake, but that definitely isn't going to help my pants feel less tight!

~ Isn't it funny that some people are such horrible cooks and some are so great? I wonder why that is?

~ I want to go to Barnes & Noble to buy myself a book. I like books.

~ This is a silly list.

Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Another fairly uneventful week has gone by. I keep thinking I should come here and post and I just draw a blank when I try to think of something to write about.

So, I came up with the following for today:

On Saturday morning Cory & I went out to breakfast at a local diner. I haven't gone out for breakfast in probably a year or maybe even longer. I wish there were better restaurants and diners around here, that's one of the things I really despise about upstate NY, there isn't a big selection of really good, affordable restaurants. This diner that we went to is pretty popular, but I don't know why because it was nothing fantastic and the prices aren't that great either. I had french toast which was yellow! Ewww! French toast should NOT be yellow. And I had home fries, which were pretty good, but not perfect. Cory had an omelet, a blueberry muffin and orange juice. Oh, and the waitress brought me coffee because she thought that's what I asked for when I really asked for orange juice too, so Cory drank the coffee because I hate the stuff. So all of that came to a little over $15 I think. Just seemed like a rip off. I'm not cheap when it comes to food, but $15 for a breakfast that I could have made better myself at home just doesn't seem worth it.

Ok, end rant, for now.

Another thing I was thinking about are the weird "daydreams" I seem to have very frequently. I don't know if this is something everyone does, or if I'm just a total loon, but I will often just be sitting here and it's almost as if someone turned on a short, very realistic movie in my head. Usually I am the star of this "movie" - for example today I was in the elevator at work and the doors closed and the elevator started to climb up to the 5th floor and suddenly one of these movies flashed into my head and I see myself standing there in the elevator, just as I was in reality, but in the "movie" I feel something drip onto me, so I tip my head up and look at the ceiling of the elevator and see there is blood dripping from the lights in the elevator. Creepy. And then the elevator doors opened so my "movie" was interrupted. My movie-like daydreams aren't always so gorey and gross, but they usually involve me doing whatever I'm actually doing in real life at the moment, but with a little added flair or twist. The weird thing is that I don't feel like I'm controlling these thoughts, they are just happening, and I am watching with no control over what happens, and they aren't like dreams where you close your eyes and see them playing in your head, instead they are playing in front of my eyes, as if these things were really happening. Wow. I sound crazy now. Really, I'm not, I think I just have a very over active imagination at times. Figures my imagination doesn't work when I really need it to, but when I least expect it, I'm hit with one of these daydream-movies. Weird stuff I tell ya!


Tuesday, February 17, 2004

I'm not purposely neglecting my blog! Really! I wasn't online much the past few days. I spent most of my weekend watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Season 5 - on DVD with Cory, and sleeping. I was so tired all weekend. I even took a nap for a few hours on Sunday!

Yesterday I took off of work as a vacation day just because I felt like I needed a day off. I completely forgot that Monday was a holiday and I thought I would go to the post office to mail a bunch of stuff out, but no such luck. Stupid holidays. My company never gives us "unimportant" holidays off, we only get the basic ones. Ah well, it was nice to have a day off anyway.

Does anyone else watch Everwood? I started watching it sometime within the past year or so and I got hooked. Ephram is so annoying. I was thinking that I must be getting old, because if I were 16 years old watching this show I would probably think the things Ephram does are cute & romantic, but at the age of 23 I am thinking "Uh! Teenage boys are so stupid, immature and irrational." The things he has done on the show lately regarding his girlfriend are just so ... psychotic! There really is no better word for it, and not psychotic in a crazy, sweet way, but psychotic in a wow, you need to be put in a straight jacket and stuck in a rubber padded room way. I wonder if the writers of the show intended it to be that way? Maybe I'm just diving too deep into a tv show. I don't know.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day! I meant to get online early Saturday morning to post a message to all of you wishing you a happy V-Day but I just didn't get a chance to. So, I am wishing you all HAPPY V-DAY belated :)

Friday, February 13, 2004

Happy Birthday to my favorite sister!

Welcome to your 17th year of life Janelle :)

(ok, so, she's my only sister, but she's my favorite anyway!)


Thursday, February 12, 2004

I saw Adam Sandler on Good Morning America while I was getting ready for work this morning. Remember how I posted the other day saying his dog named Meatball died? Well he had a new bull dog named Matzo Ball. Ha! It was so cute, but kind of sad that he replaced Meatball so soon.

It's hilarious to see reporters interview people like Adam Sandler. We all know he is a goofy silly guy, but these interviewers take the whole thing all serious. For example, Diane Sawyer was interviewing Adam and said something to the affect of "You were quoted as saying that you thought getting married would actually help attract woment?" and she asked him this with such a deadpan straight look on her face as if she didn't even get the fact that it was obvioulsy a JOKE. I swear half the time these people don't even think about what they are saying. They just read the words they see on cue cards and they only laugh or smile when the cue cards tell them to. Now, I don't have anything against Diane Sawyer, she's a cool chick (yeah, that's right, I saw the clips of her gettin' down with her bad self at John Travolta's 50th birthday party!!), I just think people like her need to lighten up a little and not take every interview so seriously.

Ok, moving on from my little rant,

I really want to see 50 First Dates. I love Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore so it must be a great movie. Maybe Cory & I will go see that this weekend since we aren't doing anything couple-ish for Valentine's Day.

*Edited on 2/13 to say this: Cory just informed me that Adam Sandler's other dog, Matzo Ball, isn't new. He had him before Meatball died. So, he very well could be correct. I didn't hear the beginning of Adam's interview on GMA so I was just foolishly assuming that Matzo Ball was a new dog. Silly me. :)

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Fit fit fits.
You will perish of fits. Repeat this to yourself:
"Things can work out even if I don't get
my way. Things can work out even...."

What horrible Edward Gorey Death will you die?
brought to you by Quizilla


Monday, February 09, 2004

CouchSurfing. This is the Yahoo! Pick of the Day. Very interesting. I think I would really consider signing up if Cory didn't mind of course. Though, we don't have a couch, but we do have a full size spare bed in the 2nd bedroom. It would be a cool way to meet people from all over. I can't imagine too many people would be looking for a place to stay in the Albany, NY area though.

It's possible we might be moving back to the town I grew up in soon. We are looking into getting a two family house with my mom out there. It's a long, crazy story. The town we would be moving to is about 30 to 40 miles west of the city I currently live in, which would mean a 30 to 45 minute commute to work one way, when I am used to a 5 minute ride to work. That might suck, though sometimes I kind of enjoy driving all by myself in the car. This move would help out my mom and my sister though, so it might be a good thing. So, we will see how that all goes. Might work out, might not.


Thursday, February 05, 2004

There I go, neglecting my blog again!

I thought about posting everyday this week but I just drew a blank when it came to topics I want to write about. Today I came across a cool site though that I wanted to share. My Guys are the cutest polymer clay creatures ever. I want to collect all of them!!

I wish I was that crafty. I really have been wanting to get into sewing lately. When I was younger my dad's aunt taught me how to hand sew little pillows. That's about as skilled as I get, and I probably couldn't even manage to make a plain pillow come out right if I tried. I might attempt it though if I have some free time. I should probably start off small, like with simple pillows again and then maybe one day I can move on to fun stuff, like bags and clothes.

Oh, in other non-crafty news, I heard on tv that Adam Sandler's dog, Meatball died. :( That's so sad! Meatball was Adam's best man in his wedding! He was the cutest little bulldog. If you ever see the movie Eight Crazy Nights there are extras on the DVD and one is Meatball's Day Out I think it's called. It is hilarious. I really want a bulldog, but purebreads are so expensive and they usually have many health problems because of their unnatural body structure, so they often have a very short life span and that scares me off from getting one. :(

R.I.P. Meatball.

Monday, February 02, 2004

Happy Groundhog Day!


Sing some Groundhog Day songs!

Watch the Groundhog Day movie!

Make some Groundhog Day crafts!

But stuff from the Groundhog Day Shop!

Woohoo! A rockin' Groundhog Day for all!! :)

(Can you tell that I couldn't think of anything else to post about today!) ;)