Monday, August 30, 2004

I love horror movies even though I usually scoff at how absolutely ridiculous the plots and/or scripts are. After a little incident I experienced tonight I might just have to rethink that attitude.

You see, I'm home alone on this stormy night (Cory is in Poughkeepsie overnight for work) and I'm sitting on the couch, all of the lights in the house off except for the kitchen light, watching a movie. Not a horror movie, but a crime/suspense type. The movie ends and a couple of minutes later I hear a thumping noise coming from upstairs. My eyes widen and it seems as if my heart skips a beat. I quickly flick the tv off and strain to listen for more sounds. It sounds like someone is clomping around in my bedroom. Shoes. It definitely sounds like shoes I conclude as I creep towards the stairs. I tell myself that it must be nothing. Then I wonder "Could someone actually get in the house without me knowing? How? And how would they have stayed so quiet for the 3+ hours that I have been home from work? No. You are being crazy Sarah. It's nothing. It's probably one of the cats causing a commotion of some sort."

That fight or flight reaction is tugging at me, my brain not knowing which to choose. After a few moments of silence I figure either someone is waiting up there for me, or it was just one of the cats after all. What should I do?


I decide to grab the phone (I figure I could either use it to call for help or use the antenna to poke the killer's eye out) and dash up the stairs. If these are the last moments of my life, so be it. If this is how it's going to go down, murdered by a prowler in my own bedroom, then that's just the way it's going to have to be. I reach the top of the steps, flip my bedroom light on ....

and nothing.

No killer. No gruesome monster with sharp, yellowed fangs. Just nothing but me and the cordless phone in my hand. Then I see my new pair of sneakers next to the dresser. One of the shoes is tipped over on its' side. Poking out from underneath the dresser I see a few little white whiskers and a little nose. It was Willow, one of my cats. Yeah. She likes to play with shoes.

Who would have thought that a cute, furry little kitty could strike so much fear in ones heart?!

And who would have thought that a twenty-something blonde girl home alone in a thunderstorm would actually run upstairs in the dark to find out with that loud noise is rather than run out the front door screaming for help like we always think she should do when we watch scary movies?

Maybe horror movies aren't so ridiculous afterall.


Thursday, August 26, 2004

I have been playing with Blogger templates so don't be alarmed if this site is a different color every time you visit! I just need to decide which color combinations are fun, yet easy on the eyes.

Maybe someday I will actually learn how to make my own layout from scratch.



Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Life, well mostly work, has been hectic lately. In the past couple of weeks it seems I haven't had much time for anything, including blogging.

Since my coworker died I had to take over her job, as I am really the only person who fully understands it. That job is intertwined with mine. She would get the work and then it was passed on to me and two of my other coworkers. Now it's just me, and the other two coworkers so I still have to help out with my old job and do her job. Both are tedious and repetitive. All of the work has due dates and we frequently get rushes due the day we receive them. Well, just as my luck would have it we found out last week that we would be getting over twice the amount of work we normally would because there would be a bunch of jobs coming in from Mexico that needed to be processed by today. We started getting them in last week and it was just madness. A few other coworkers tried to help out when they could but we still had quite a few rough days. This week one of my coworkers was out on vacation so that left just two of us to do all of the work. Oy! Thankfully all of that rush stuff from Mexico is over with for now, or at least I hope.

Hmm.. what else is new? Oh! On September 8th I will be starting my college classes online. Woohoo! I'm kind of excited about that. My student loans still haven't gone through yet though, so I'm getting a little worried since I can't afford to buy my books and required software until I get that money. I will have to call the financial aid office, but they haven't been very helpful thus far.

I'm still hoping to get a laptop with my loan money but I don't know when that will happen either. If I buy one through the college bookstore there are only a few kinds I can choose from. If I do buy one of theirs I think I might go with a Toshiba. I heard they have tough exteriors which is good because knowing me I'm sure I will drop it several dozen times, and I'm not exaggerating about that. I seem to have a knack for dropping brand new, expensive things. Cory got a new camera phone a few weeks ago and in the first 24 hours he had it I dropped it three times. Ooops!

The only "excitement" in my life in the past few weeks was this past Saturday. I drove Cory and his sisters out Route 2 into Massachusetts. We walked around North Adams for about a half hour but there wasn't much to do because for some reason even though it was still between 4:00 and 5:00 PM on a Saturday, almost all of the little shops and restaurants were closed! We decided that walking around aimlessly was no fun so we hopped back in my car and took off. We were going to head south, possibly to the outlets in Lee, but silly me went right past 8 South, so we kept driving, around the "hairpin turn" and on and on until I saw 8A south which I figured would bring us in the general direction we wanted to go. Boy was I wrong! Somehow I ended up on another road, I think it was 116 South, and it just kept winding up and down through the Berkshires. We passed numerous farms, country houses, vacant fields, and seemingly endless forests as my gas gauge dropped closer and closer to the dreaded "E" and on top of that we were starving. After what seemed like hours of driving we finally found a little gas station and we bought a map only to find that we were nearly halfway across the damn state! We were very close to I-91 which runs South from Vermont, through Massachusetts and into Connecticut.

Before getting on the Mass Pike to head home we stopped in Holyoke for dinner as we were ready to gnaw our own fists off. The first restaurant we stopped at was packed to the brim with a bus-load of some freaky religious group, so we headed to stupid Friendly's down the road which was attached to a hotel. We arrived at Friendly's at 7:00 PM. It was after 7:30 by the time we were seated and then it was another hour until we received our food despite the fact that people who arrived after us were getting their food before us! You would think they would have been nice enough to take a percentage off of the bill for making us wait so long, but no such luck. Note to self: the only reason to go to Friendly's is for their Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Sundaes, other than that avoid that place like the plague.

And in other news, my hands smell bad! There is an explanation. See, I was attempting to be all chef-like in the kitchen last night. I learned the hard way that mincing garlic with nothing but your bare hands and a knife is not a good thing unless eau de garlic is something you are into. What is worse is that I keep smelling my fingers to see if the garlic scent is still there, and of course it is so I say "peee-oouu" or "ick!" and then I repeat that little process every few minutes. I feel like Mary Katherine Gallagher.

Ok, that's all for now!

That was a long enough post to make up for 2+ weeks of not posting at all, right?

Sunday, August 08, 2004

So I haven't been online at home as much as I thought I would be, mostly just because I have been kind of sad and depressed.

One of my coworkers who I actually talked to quite a bit and would consider a friend, passed away on Wednesday. She was about 55 years old and she died of a sudden illness. I last saw her on Thursday, July 29th and I'm glad I had a couple long conversations with her that day. She had that Wednesday off because of our new 4- 10 hour day schedule and I stood in her cubicle that Thursday talking to her for about an hour and half about her day off and how much fun she had with her sister at the local casino, and we talked about work, tv, our cats, all of the usual things I talked to her about every so often.

It was a shock when I came into work the following Monday to hear that she had been taken to the hospital and would need to have surgery. She had been saying the previous week that she didn't feel well at all. It was an even further shock when I came into work this past Wednesday morning and one of my other coworkers informed me that she had passed away earlier that morning. I couldn't believe she was gone. Her funeral was on Friday which I attended with some other coworkers. It was so sad, especially seeing her family (she didn't have a husband or children but she was very close to her sisters, brother, and nieces and nephews) so upset.

I will miss her a lot. I will miss hearing her laugh. I will miss our long conversations. I will miss seeing her when I walk past her cubicle. :(

I wish I had something more profound to say at the moment but my mind is still a bit foggy. :( I also wish I had something more cheery and fun to talk about. This post has mostly been a major drag.

Ah well, here's to hoping this will be a better week!

Monday, August 02, 2004

So I have Verizon DSL here on my home computer now. I love it! I so don't miss that horrid noise of dialing up and not having to wait forever for pages to load is really nice too. I still can't access the main Blogger page at work, though I do still have access to my actual blog for some reason, so basically I can read & leave comments on my own blog but I can't update it. I was hoping that I would have a laptop soon which would mean that I would be online a lot more often at home, but it looks like that won't be happening for quite a while so for now I will just have to poke in here whenever I get a chance to.

I haven't been doing anything very exciting lately. I'm working four days per week (Monday through Thursday) 10 hours per day. I usually don't leave work until between 6:30 & 7:00 PM which isn't all that fun, but it's so worth it having every Friday off.

Yesterday Cory & I went to Sacandaga Lake so we could swim since it was such a hot day. That was nice because I haven't been swimming since we went to Maine in August of 2002! I love to swim. I belong near the ocean. If I lived near the coast I would go for a swim nearly everyday. I'm not a huge fan of lakes, but around here that's about the only option for swimming other than pools. Ah well, any water is ok with me, especially in this extreme heat.

Hmm... what else is new? Not much else actually. Cory is in Poughkeepsie for work tonight & tomorrow night so I'm all by my lonesome. Kind of boring but it feels like I'm barely home on the weeknights anyway since I get home from work so late.

Well if anyone still reads this journal I hope you are all doing well, and hopefully I will update this more often now that I have speedier internet.