Sunday, January 23, 2005

Today was yet another mostly unproductive day, though I started it out very early this morning! I have the hardest time waking up in the morning and it's always a mental battle between 'responsible Sarah' and 'lazy sloth-like Sarah' to get out of bed anytime before 8:30 AM. For some reason this weekend I found myself wide awake before 7:30 AM both Saturday and today. I was actually outside shoveling snow at 8:00 AM! The productivity level for the day pretty much went down hill from there though. Cory & I ventured out to the grocery store at around 10:30, spent way too much money on groceries, came home, made french bread pizza, sat on our bums, watched American Pie, sat on our bums some more, made chicken corn chowder (which turned out really well!), and then I proceeded to sit on my bum for several hours after that until I moved said bum to the computer chair, where I now sit typing this before I go to bed.

I feel guilty for not accomplishing anything of importance this weekend, but I guess I deserve one more weekend of pure laziness. My college classes start this week. Hours of homework. Tests. Textbooks. Essays. Gak!

Well, that's all for now. Goodnight!

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Day 5! 6?

I suddenly don't feel so bad about spending nearly every Saturday night in couch potato mode because I have found a new source of television entertainment. I was just flipping through the 6 channels we are able to watch (we don't have cable) and I stopped on PBS when I heard familiar music... Modest Mouse! They were playing on Austin City Limits, a show I had never watched until tonight.

Mostly I associate PBS with Sesame Street or Antiques Road Show, so I don't typically notice what other programs they air. After checking out the info on Austin City Limits, I'm anxious to see future episodes. Coming up this season are performances by several bands/musicians I like... The Pixies, Damien Rice, Elvis Costello, Wilco, The Shins, Bright Eyes, Guster. Yay!

I shouldn't be so excited about another excuse to veg-out like a lump in front of the TV, because I did that ALL day today. To my credit, that was mostly due to the snow and arctic-like temperatures because it was too damn cold in our house to do anything productive!

Friday, January 21, 2005

Day 4. I almost forgot to post again! I actually laid down in bed at 10:30 tonight because I was so bored (yeah, I have no life) and then realized that I hadn't blogged today, so that gave me a reason to get out of bed. Now here I am and I can't think of anything of importance or interest to write about, so I thought I would just post a photo.

This is my cat, Willow, lounging in one of our living room chairs. Looks like she should have a beer tucked under one paw and a TV remote under the other. :)


Thursday, January 20, 2005

Damn! I almost forgot to post again. Day 3 of my "blog at least once per day every single day for a week" thing.

I watched last night's premiere, as well as the second episode tonight, of Point Pleasant. My initial reactions to the first commercials I saw advertising this show was that it would be just another lame show that probably wouldn't be worth watching, but when I did some more research and read about the plot I thought it might actually be interesting to watch. I was hoping that "Point Pleasant" would be at least half as interesting and well written as "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," seeing that they both share a common writer/producer, Marti Noxon.

So far I'm disappointed in the show. It appears to be just another cheesy drama involving high school students (played by 20-something actors, of course), their parents, and their predictable love affairs ... à la "The O.C." Of course, there is a bit of supernatural and evil mixed in, but it's nothing spectacular. Maybe I'm being to quick to judge seeing that only two episodes have aired, but I really can't see this show joining the ranks of Buffy, Angel or other similar shows. Too bad. The story line gives it potential to be a really good show, if only they could do away with over-done, corny teenage angst drama.

*Just thought I would add that yes, I realize Buffy had the same 20-something actors playing high school students and much of the same corny teenage drama as Point Pleasant, but it was just handled in a much better fashion on Buffy, and the action and plot lines were enough to distract from the melodrama. Ok, I'm just over-analyzing this now.

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

I almost blew it, my goal of posting every day for the next week, but here I am posting, with a little over an hour of the day remaining.

Since I have nothing utterly exciting to write about I guess I will just blab about some random happenings in my life.

I received a letter in the mail last week informing me that I am on the Dean's List! (Why does knowing that I'm on this list make me feel as though I have done something bad, like I'm on Santa's naughty list?!) A week or so previous to that letter, I also received an invitation to apply to my school's honors program. After a lot of mulling it over, I decided that if I were accepted to the program it really would have been more stress than it was worth, at least for this semester, so I didn't fill out the application. If I keep my grades up maybe I will be eligible again next semester when I will, hopefully, have an even lesser workload. I hope it wasn't a huge mistake not at least trying for the honors program right now, but I just didn't want to take on more than I could handle. Working full time and taking 12 credit hours of classes is almost more than I can keep up with as it is, and the honors program would entail doing an independent study class of sorts in addition to my other classes.

My new classes start in a few days. I just received a new shipment of books for this semester. Over $300 for 4 books, and they were all used!!! Buying textbooks from the school bookstore is such a rip-off. I know the smart thing to do would have been to buy them used online, but unfortunately there was no way I could afford to front the money and wait to be reimbursed in a couple of months with my student loan aid. Ah well. At least I will be able to return one of the books, and accounting text, because it turns out that the text I used for Accounting I is the same as the text for Accounting II... gee, would have been nice if they told me that in the first place. I listed a couple of last semester's books on so hopefully those will sell, it would be nice to get something for them seeing that they are in very good shape and I paid an arm and a leg for them.

Well, that's enough rambles for one night. Until tomorrow...


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Is there anything worse than getting a paper cut on your knuckle? $#!@!!!

Oh yeah, there is ... the current weather conditions.

For the first time ever, I am actually dreading the end of the work day, but only because I will have to leave a heated building and walk out into this bitter cold. Just the thought of it is making my fingers and toes numb, and my sinuses burn!

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I looked out my bedroom window (which offers a lovely view of my neighbor's roof) to see a bunch of little black birds huddled around on top of the chimney, warming their feathers. There were probably about 10 to 15 of them up there at a time. Every couple of minutes another bird would fly up and plunk down on top of one of the birds already sitting in the huddle, forcing that one out and the process kept repeating until, I assume, every one of the little black birds had a chance to warm up. I wish I had my video camera ready, that scene would have made a funny little movie, especially with cute little chirpy bird-like voices dubbed in.


Monday, January 17, 2005

I'm so frustrated with this blog. I think it's time for something new. Perhaps if started over, from scratch, I would have more interest in keeping this thing up to date. Just over two years ago I started this blog, with no direction, no thoughts on what I wanted to write about or how long I would keep it up, and here I am just bobbing along, rarely updating and when I do it's usually just rambling for the sake of rambling.

I guess what I really need to do is put forth effort. Maybe challenging myself to update this blog at least once per day for the next week is all I need to get back in the blogging habit, so I will try that. My concern isn't limited to the quantity of posts, but the quality. Obviously I can't make my life exciting and packed with news-worthy bits overnight, but I can find other things to write about other than me. The thought of having some sort of themed blog (cooking, music, art, photography, etc.) has crossed my mind, but I think my interests are too scattered to limit into one thing so maybe I just need to find a way to mesh all of that together into one. Having a digital camera would help too, because I always find blogs more fun when there are at least a few photos to see now and then. I'm hoping to get a semi-decent camera sometime soon and once I do I will probably be a photo posting maniac for a while.

So what was the point of this entry anyway? Well, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I intend to make some changes around here and hopefully bring this blog to life. Actually, I'm really considering doing away with this whole blog and starting all over, as I mentioned before. Maybe I will branch out and move away from Blogger, though I'm not very knowledgeable about any of the alternatives (except for LiveJournal, but that's not quite what I had in mind). Looks like I have some research ahead of me, and as I do that I will be trying to think of a whole new blog title as well. A whole new me, how exciting.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Happy New Year, a little bit late.

I would have posted sooner but I wasn't sure what to write about after my last "everyone go out now and donate money to poor tsunami victims" tirade, which I still mean every word of but I realize I was much too wordy. Why can't I just be simplistic and to the point? Why couldn't I have just said "Hey, it would be super if you swung a few dollars in the direction of The Red Cross or Unicef" ... why? Oh yeah, because I'm me and I ramble and I'm doing it right now.

So, other than that my other reason for not blogging is that I haven't been spending as much time online lately. School is over for the semester and I'm rather enjoying not having to spend every waking moment of my day staring at a computer screen. Though I still use a computer at work all day, I haven't been going online as much at home at night. Classes will be starting up again in a couple of weeks though so I will once again be a slave to Windows.

I'm so happy with myself that I made it through a semester. There were so many times when I never thought I would find the courage and/or determination to go back to school, but somehow I did it. While I sometimes feel as though I'm not in a "real college" because my classes are taken entirely via internet, and I'm not exactly in love with the degree program I am majoring in, I am still glad that I'm doing it. My grades were decent. They could have been better and I vow to try even harder next semester. I earned one A+, two A's, one B and one B-. Not too shabby I suppose. The upcoming Spring '05 semester should be a little bit easier as I'm only taking four classes rather than the five I took last semester.

It's a little bit scary to think that in less than a year and a half I will finally have my associate's degree and then I will be moving on to something different. The problem is that I don't know what I want that "something different" to be. I really need to start putting some serious thought into what I want to do with the rest of my life. Most likely after I get my associate's degree I will transfer to a local college and go for a B.A., but majoring in what I haven't the foggiest. How is one supposed to know what they want to do in the future? I can't even decide what I want to have for dinner tomorrow night so how the hell am I supposed to figure out who and where I want to be 10 or 20 years from now? The thought of making the wrong choice terrifies me, but then again, is there a wrong choice? Maybe I just need to accept the fact that someday in the future I may not want something that I want today, so I will just need to start over at that point and take a new path. Maybe my goals for 2005 should be to think about what I want right now and learn to accept that. Easier said than done.